Paradoilia Bigfoots. Shadow Bush Monsters and Google Map Grabs.

For all we appreciate the “face finders” who search video or images for “faces”  They can sometimes be misled by the tool used to take the original image.. Its all about the Pixilation Folks!!.  As we can see here Bigfoot Tony has once again said what a lot of us are thinking.  Unless you know the ground or what device was used to take the image it really is impossible to gain a clear imagine or knowledge of the ground and terrain, a simple bush filmed in close up can look like a thick forest and ofcourse the device you use to view the image can have a massive impact on what you see.

This first image was taken with an iphone 7 zoomed in. As we can see what looks like a Bigfoot looking through a gap in the trees, with fingers touching the branch,yet the image looks totally different when taken with a professional camera. As the second image was taken with Canon 5d mk3.  What appeared to at first be a “face” is now clearly seen as shadow and leaves.

Here we can CLEARLY see that a blurred and distorted image of what might look like a Sasquatch, is in fact (as in most cases) is just leaves and shadow. When taken with a camera suitable to do the job what you get is a much clearer idea of the area itself and what is paradoilia and what is  real.  Google Map Images or Screen grabs from Youtube videos are flooding the groups, forums and the Bigfoot community feeding the mis -information. And I have to agree with Bigfoot Tony on this.


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