Police Find a Human Leg in The River Irwell, UK 411 Cases or the Manchester Pusher?

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I have something very different for you today, over the years I have been repeatedly asked if ‘there was any missing 411 cases here in the UK.  Now for people not familiar with that term, 411 was a book of reports made by an American Gentleman named David Paulides who wrote a book about missing people in the national parks in the US and he wondered if any of the cases are related to the Bigfoot sightings in the parks themselves or purely a matter of bad luck or mechanical injury or even on occasion a human predator of some kind, along with wild Cats, Wolves and Bears there is a very large percentage of missing people as you can imagine. I have always just pooh pooh’d the question to be fair, until like all things serendipity was at play and I was contacted by a number of researchers and interested parties who had missing people cases to share with me.  So I thought I would start where all this started for me and look at my local town quite close to Manchester and I was shocked at the things I found.  Now this is only the first of many articles to come on this subject as I have been inundated with reports from all across the UK.

The Manchester Evening News Reported on the 28th Nov 2018 Police check missing persons list after ‘human leg’ found in River Irwell.  Police are checking a list of missing people after human remains – believed to be a leg – were recovered from the River Irwell in Salford. The force says ‘enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing’. The alarm was raised by a passer-by. Emergency services were scrambled to a stretch of the river near the red Jubilee Bridge, off Britannia Street. The North West Police Underwater Search and Marine Unit was also sent. A large cordon was erected as the investigation began. The bridge was closed off, with officers standing guard.

The Jubilee bridge spans the river from Littleton Road playing fields at Lower Kersal to the Whit Lane area of the city (less than a few hundred yards from the Kersal Cell a well known paranormal hotspot with reports of dark cloaked figures being reported said to be the monks that have inhabited Kershale as it was known in 1152 and they farmed the land until 1500’s, you can read the paranormal accounts here Haunted Kersal.  This area has one of the most recent sightings of the Salford Wildman in Jan of 2017, sightings of which go back to the 1970’s).

Police divers were seen entering the water, while officers were seen trawling the banks of the river. Witnesses said two black bags were later placed in a van by police after being pulled from the water.

Witness Stacey Sherratt, 29, said: “I first heard the sirens at around 11am, so I came outside and saw a boat pulling up two black bags. “I saw someone pulling a rope to bring the boat back in and then they put the two bags on the floor and put them in a van.” Police have released few details about the incident. There was however a discovery made two weeks later.

58-year-old Marie Scott, has not been seen for almost a year. DNA testing then confirmed the leg belonged to Marie. The force said an investigation is ongoing, but at this stage there is no reason to believe there was any foul play or suspicious circumstances? Marie was last seen heading to a local shopping centre.

Also along the Irwell and reported by the BBC is the strange case of missing man Nathan Tomlinson 2011.

Police investigating the disappearance of a man who went missing after a Christmas party are trying to identify a body found in the River Irwell. Nathan Tomlinson, 21, of Stockport, was last seen leaving the Mitre Hotel, near Manchester Cathedral, on 17 December 2011. Police believe he asked a bus driver how to get back to Stockport before he was captured on CCTV walking through Salford near the River Irwell.

A mans body was found near Meadow Road in Lower Broughton. Greater Manchester Police said Mr Tomlinson’s family had been informed. Footage released by police may show Mr Tomlinson leaving the bar and jumping over a wall near the cathedral before walking across Victoria Street. He is believed to have ended up in Chapel Street, Salford and may have fallen into the river Irwell in a state of confusion,  As part of inquiries to trace Mr Tomlinson, officers carried out a week-long operation in the area around the University of Salford, Peel Park and Salford Crescent railway station.


‘A police spokesman said: “The identity is confirmed as that of Nathan. “A post-mortem examination has taken place. Further tests to establish the exact cause of death are to be carried out, but there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances.” The body was recovered near Meadow Road in Lower Broughton, Salford. Nathan must of been lost and fallen into the river on his walk home?


In the same area there is another case of a missing man who was found in the River Irwell under ‘no suspicious circumstances’ a report in the Trafford Local News dated ) Oct 2018 stated  Police are piecing together the movements of a Salford man in the days before he was found dead in a river.  The body of 62-year-old Stephen Jordan was sadly found in the River Irwell near to Cromwell Bridge in Higher Broughton on Sunday 7 October 2018. (This area is less than a mile from the littleton Road site where missing Marie Scott severed leg was found and as discussed above this was also found in no suspicious circumstances) In the case of Mr Jordan the coronar stated ‘There were not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death a Home Office post-mortem examination, concluded 17 October 2018, proved inconclusive.

Police are trying to piece together Stephen’s movements, with the last confirmed sighting of him being on 24 September 2018 at his house on Levens Street, Charlestown, Salford a short walk to the River Irwell. Detective Inspector Joe Clarke of GMP’s Salford Borough, said: “At this stage, we’re treating Stephen’s death as unexplained and we’re working with the coroner to find out exactly how he came to die. “We have to keep an open mind in these circumstances but we are not currently treating this as a murder inquiry.

It would seem that none of these deaths are being linked to the ‘pusher’ they did not happen in the busy centre of Manchester but further out of the city into the small neighbourhoods of Salford and Bury. The Irwell itself runs North to the Ramsbottom area of Lancashire and the missing and sadly deceased people are being found all along the route.  Is it the River itself that calls to people or is it just a sad fact of our society that people go missing or turn up in our local River and its barely noted, no huge headlines or hundreds of police out looking for clues, just a small statement in a local rag that will never make the National newspapers as the post code is not M1.   As we follow the Irwell to its source we will see the same pattern over again.

BREAKING: Body Found In Canal Is That Of Missing Bury Man Steven Dyson

CCTV footage of a missing man from Bury has been released by Greater Manchester Police officers. Steven Dyson, 22, was last seen at 9am on Monday 1st January leaving a New Year’s Eve Party on St. Andrew’s Close in Ramsbottom. The CCTV shows Steven on the day he was last seen at Longsight service station around 4am and then later that morning using a cash machine on Bridge Street at 6am.

Detective Inspector Vicky Shaw, of GMP’s Bury Borough, said: “It’s been five days since Steven was last seen and his friends and family are worried sick. “Searches will continue around the Nuttall Lane area, with officers being supported by the underwater search unit, NPAS and the dog unit to find Steven. “We’ve had lots of help from people in searching for Steven so far and we’d ask for people in the area to please check your sheds and garages in case he’s seeking shelter. “It is likely that he is still in need of medical attention, which is why it’s so important that we find Steven as soon as we can.”

A body found yesterday by police searching for Steven Dyson has been confirmed to be that of the missing Bury man. Officers searching for the missing 22-year-old found the body yesterday morning in the River Irwell in Bury, near to Railway Street. Greater Manchester Police said yesterday that “there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding this man’s death.”

The Body of elderly man that was found in River Irwell behind Salford casino is not being treated as suspicious, police confirm Oct 2014  The circumstances surrounding the body of an elderly man who was recovered from the River Irwell in Salford yesterday evening are not being treated as suspicious, police have confirmed.

Officers were called around 7pm on Wednesday after a body was spotted from the towpath near the A57 Regent Road, behind the Grosvenor Casino in Salford. An underwater diver team recovered the body of a man, believed to be in his 60s, though he has not yet been identified. A formal identity process is now due to take place. Greater Manchester Police have now confirmed that they believe there were no suspicious circumstances around the death.

As I normally report paranormal and cryptid reports it does stand out when I see a missing person found close to one of the the sighting areas due to people always asking me that question? at Holcombe Moor  there is an account from a serving soldier on duties who saw along with his partner a ‘huge hairy Ape Man type Creature’ on two occasions in the 1980’s  so when the story of a missing local woman Valerie Weston 58 appeared in the paper it caught my interest.

POLICE searching for a missing woman have found a body in the River Irwell close to Bury town centre.

Officers were called to a stretch of the river close to Bury Grammar School after a passer by spotted what he thought was a body. The discovery is reported to be connect to the disappearance of Valerie Weston, aged 58, of Chapel Terrace, Ramsbottom, who was last seen at home at 10.50pm by neighbours who had left her address after spending the evening with her.

Her best friend Janice Johnson, who had known the former Coney Green High School teacher for 25 years, said the ‘whole community is in shock’.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “There are no suspicious circumstances and a file will be prepared for the coroner. ” Inspector Andy Carter, of Lancashire Police, said: “We believe she went out for a wander in the back garden and fell into the river.

Of course all of the above could be mere coincidental as the River has claimed many over the decades, many by accident, some accidental and of course the old human murderer who used the Irwell to cover there crimes, so when looking for bodies found along her route I found a story as old as 1814 The death of Lavinia Robinson, the Manchester Ophelia The body of 20-year-old Lavinia Robinson was found in the River Irwell on 7 February 1814, over seven weeks after she went missing from her home in Manchester. Had she done away with herself or, as some suspected, was she pushed into the water? And what was the nature of the furious argument she had with her fiancé on the night before she disappeared? Lavinia was described as “a young lady possessing superior mental accomplishments, with a person lovely as her mind, and of the most fascinating manners,”

Lavinia’s family reported her missing at the police office and advertised a reward of 30 guineas for her return “live or dead.” During their agonising wait, in the middle of a particularly cold winter, the River Irwell froze over. Their hopes may have been raised when a young woman arrived in distress at the home of a magistrate in Thatcham. He suspected that she might be Lavinia Robinson and, when questioned, she said she was – but it turned out that she was lying.

Finally, at the beginning of February 1815, the ice on the Irwell began to break up and on 7th Feb, Mr Goodier, a millworker, came across Lavinia’s body on a sandbank at Barton. She was still in the fawn-coloured gown she was wearing on the night she left her home, a pink and yellow silk handkerchief around her neck. She had lost a shoe, her mantle and a black beaver hat.

The next day a two-day inquest opened at the Star Inn, under the Coroner Nathaniel Milne.  The Coroner stated “That Lavinia Robinson was FOUND DROWNED in the river Irwell… but how or by what means she came into the water he could not be certain.  There was not enough evidence for a murder charge, nor for the certainty that Lavinia had committed suicide.

The inscription on her gravestone included the following lines:

More lasting than in lines of art
Thy spotless character’s imprest;
Thy worth engraved on every heart,
Thy loss bewail’d in every breast

Sadly sometime it is simply a case of bad things happen to good folks. 

I checked other Rivers in the UK and I found a similar set of missing people and people who are found dead in UK woodlands where the cause of death is ‘unknown’  A short search over the last month has brought forward so many of these events that I will bring you reports from Banchory and Polkemmet in Scotland, Blue Bell Hill and  in England and many more as the months go on.  Do you know of any mysterious missing people who have turned up in Rivers or Woodlands in suspicious circumstances?



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