Porters Brae Wildman Hiding in the Forest sighting 2015. This thing threw sticks at us?

Reported by a witness to Charmaine Fraser: Jan 2015, The incident occurred around 1970: I know thats a while ago now, but I have never forgotten about it so even now Im confident about what happened and what I saw.

“About 45 years ago I was with my then girlfriend and we were parked on a forestry road at the junction of Langdykes Brae and Porters Brae on the road to Cults.  The area is heavy Woodlands and is an area used for Forestry.  Now this junction we were parked up in is about 1.5 miles from Kennoway in Fife.

I was parked about 300 yards up the Torloisk forestry road and the trees to the left of me had been cut down for about 50 yards and the floor was cleared up to the tree line and stacked up at the side of the forestry road.  There was a full moon and you could see right across the clearing to the standing trees, my then girlfriend said she saw something moving in the clearance, to which I said it would no doubt be a fox or a deer.

After a while I fell asleep in the car seat until my girlfriend shook me awake and said there was something moving behind the stacked trees next to the car, much closer than before and it had been moving around us for a while now?  I wound the window down and banged on the door but the creature or whatever it was was unfazed it never moved. I then jumped into the driver’s seat and reversed the car so the head lights shone in the direction of this creature, to my shock and amazement the creature stood up straight and for only a second or two and I could see it clearly. This “thing” stood around 8 feet tall and had a white/grey chest and face and the rest of its body was black. It looked at us one last time and then it took of in the direction of the forest and vanished from sight.

We were both confused and we just sat there trying to think what it could be, and then it came back!! This thing started throwing sticks at the car, they weren’t little sticks as you could hear them hitting the car with a thud, The we heard crashing through a line of young beech trees near the car. We just drove out of there and my girlfriend did not want to return so I went back the next day with my brother, we went to look for tracks or signs of anything to try and work out what we had seen and what it was, but it had been raining and we found nothing. I later asked a man I know who has worked all his life in these forests if he knew anything about what we saw but he had never come across any thing like that.”

As more and more people come forward and report encounters with 8ft tall hairy creatures, up on two legs and walking like a man, it may be we will find some answers to what people are seeing.  Have you seen anything like this in the same area or anywhere in the UK.




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