Rivacre, Ellesmere Port “a blacker than the night Wolf.”

Billy Thompson. I am reporting an encounter that happened many years ago now. I was about 9/10 and was out with my grandparents, Brian and Margaret. We were going for a walk down Rivacre valley in the north west of England in a place called Ellesmere port. I can’t remember much of how we got there or what happened after really. We were walking along and my nan said she spotted what looked like a big Puma looking through the bushes at us. She walked closer to get a better look when my grandad started shouting “stop Margaret” by now “it” had moved to the right but was trying to come around behind her, so my grandad shouted “it’s flanking you”

Whilst all this was going on I am trying to look everywhere to see what it was.  My grandad was holding my hand quite tight I do remember that. My nan was staring to her right like she was in a daydream and all the time I am still trying to see what it is they can see but I can’t. I see a big hole about 4 ft off the floor in the bushes but it didn’t look right, something was in that hole, I starred until my eyes adjusted and I could see what I was looking was eyes.

I could see two big black eyes, the eyes were very wide apart and they didn’t look right, whatever it was it was blinking. I could see it clear once I knew that it was eyes.  All in around the eyes were pitch black I could see that whatever this thing was it was darker than everything else around it. I started to try and see more. I then looked up at my grandad and said “is it black what you’re looking for” he said “yes, can you see it”?  I pointed at the hole where I could see the eyes but he couldn’t see them or make them out.

After we got back and we were discussing what had happened my grandad said that he had seen it walk off  from us, but as it turned to walk off it doubled back on its self so it’s front legs were close to it’s rear legs, it turned that tight.

My nan said she and her work colleagues saw something like “it” once more when she was doing a night shift at work. She said it kind of looked like the other one we had seen but on this occasion she noticed this thing had triangle ears close to the top of it’s head. The second time my nan saw this thing it was behind a 6 ft metal fence that went all around the property.

My nan told me that she was waiting for the shift change on the front of her works property she was standing within the car park and the area was all fenced in because it was a home for disabled children. My nan said she noticed it as she could see something moving behind the fence in the dark, she was with other colleagues chatting away so she walked up closer to what she could see to get a better look. My nan said this thing looked like a wolf, a big black wolf! My nan was stubborn and wouldn’t let anything get the better of her normally but she said she felt itchy and uneasy on this occasion so she walked back to the others she had been standing with. I don’t know if she told them or not but she did add as she was walking closer she turned left then right and this thing followed her movement I don’t know what she meant by that.  I have asked myself over and over what this “thing” I saw was but I don’t know what I saw. After doing research I am leaning to either a big cat or a dogman. My nan was convinced it was a blacker than the night wolf.

B. Thompson 12/6/18


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