River Severn is home to more than just one “creature”! Man sees strange creature running low to the ground.

My name is Simon Austin from Coleford near Gloucester, I have lived here all my life . I never knew where to report my encounter until a friend of mine told me about mark Farnell a friend of his who follows sightings of unexplainable creatures like Bigfoot. I work in Staunton, one morning I woke at 05.00am and got myself ready for work.

As I was driving down scowles road heading for the A4136 highway, keeping in mind there was very little to no traffic I approached a left turn junction, near stowfield quarry at that point my car was hit by a small log or branch. In shock I looked to my right from where the sound emitted from and what I saw was frightening to say the least. I witnessed a creature sprinting towards me on all fours; at least that’s what I thought until it came closer. It was running on two legs but low to the floor. It resembled a dog but had a long snout but was much taller and was very thin. I accelerated off as fast as I could. The creature was black in colour and had frosted eyes. I have never seen anything like this before and hope I don’t see it again. I hope this helps in anyway.

There are other accounts close by to this quarry, four in all very close together along the Severn Estuary and then we have all the accounts along or close too the River Severn itself, which are far too many to mention here but you can read them on the Map of Accounts 

I have included a number of them here for you to read.

Shadowed by the Unseen, Bredon Hill, Worcs

I have a story for you that was told to me by a fellow I met who goes out metal detecting at night, because he hasnt got permission from the landowner. so they access the land when its dark so they can remain unseen. It was in doing this that he had a really strange experience.

My friend was metal detecting on Bredon Hill in Worcestershire with his mate. He was walking along in the dark, swinging his detector, one ear in the headphones and one ear to the night listening for cars or footsteps. His mate was also detecting and was in the field alongside him, they walked the length of the field when they got to the end of the field the land became woodland. He stopped at the tree line, but his mate carried on and went further into the wooded area. He thought this was a bit strange and wondered what he was doing?

While he was waiting for his friend to return he could hear his friends footsteps in the woods and called out, “Any good in there ?” or something like that. There was no answer. A bit puzzled, he turned to make his way back up the field where they had started from, when he caught sight of his mates cigarette end glowing and bobbing around further up the field and they hadn’t walked up the field together. This is when he realised that whatever or whoever it was that had been walking alongside swinging its arms and keeping pace with him and then carried on into the woods was not his mate.?

The Big Hairy Thing from Defford

The village of Defford, Worcestershire, England is home to a pub called the Cider House. One of the very few still-existing traditional cider houses in England, it has been in the same family for a century and a half, and visitors to the Cider House will find their drinks served to them in quaint pottery mugs, and amid a welcome atmosphere that harks back to a time long gone. More notable is the fact that for the locals that frequent the Cider House, it has a distinctly different moniker: Namely, the Monkey House.So the legend goes, many years ago, a regular customer charged breathlessly into the pub late one night, claiming to have fallen into dense bramble bushes, after being attacked by a group of monkeys. Notably, the village of Defford is situated very close to Eckington, whose historic Eckington Bridge spans the River Avon and at which, late on weekend night in 1957, a man named Albert Micklewright was witness to what was described as a “big hairy thing from Tarzan.”

The Worcester Werewolf 2016

A terrified couple have drawn a sketch of a fearsome beast they claim to have seen while on a National Trust property at 1am in the Cotswolds.

They also took a blurry picture of the animal, dubbed the ‘Werewolf of Worcester’ because the drawing, although it is said to be a big cat, has features of a werewolf.

Robert Ingram and wife Nicola sketched what they saw – and the big cat appears to have features which resemble that of a werewolf. From their drawing, it appears to be standing upright like a humanoid creature, rather than crouching like a cat. The beast also has protruding, pointed teeth and fearsome, sharp cheekbones.

The pair encountered what they are convinced was a black panther while driving through Croome Court – a National Trust property – at 1am last week. The couple said the creature weighed about nine stone and was as tall as their car window. They were convinced the big cat was going to pounce on their car before they sped off.

Robert produced the sketch so animal experts can find out what the creature is. He told The Mail: “It was petrifying. It looked like it was on steroids. “We were driving along outside the national trust property, there are lots of open fields around there, when suddenly, I spotted something in the road ahead.” “It was getting dark, but I saw its eyes reflect in my headlights. “We stopped the car, and it was just standing there. “We’d heard rumours about an escaped panther in the area, but we’d thought it was a load of nonsense. “But when I saw this animal with my own eyes, I was stunned. It was enormous, far too big for a fox or a dog. It must have weighed about 9 stone – about the same as a slim adult.  “It looked right at us and walked up to the car. It then lowered the front of its body and looked like it was going to pounce. “We just slammed the car into reverse and went as far as we could. “I was so scared I fumbled to get my phone out to take a picture, but we’d already driven quite far away. “There was no way you were going to get me to go near it again to take a better picture. It was terrifying.”

The couple think the creature has escaped from a zoo. There have been dozens of claims of escaped big cats in Worcestershire in recent years. A spokesman for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust told The Mail: “It is always possible that there is a panther, or other big cat, in our countryside but there hasn’t yet been any firm evidence to prove that they’re there.”

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