Russian Man survives 5 days alone in a Wolf infested forest

According to the Daily Mail Newspaper a man has survived the terror of being alone in a Russian Forest.  The Paper stated:

Russian man has revealed he survived for five days and nights in temperatures of minus 30C after getting lost in a forest – thanks to his smoking habit. Woodcutter Andrey Anufriev, 31, lost his way near Snezhinsk in the Chelyabinsk region, after wandering off the relieve himself during a shift. Anufriev was ‘delirious’ and ‘an hour from death’ when he was finally found by rescuers after eating snow to survive.

The father of one wandered away from his follow woodcutters to relieve himself in the thick snowy forest. His fellow workers searched for him but in vain, then called the emergency services.  ‘I did see human footprints but no proper path,’ he said. ‘The forest is like an anthill, lots of paths. ‘But whichever one you take it leads only to the next crossing of paths, it is an endless labyrinth. ‘Sometimes I had to walk in snow that was up to my waist.’

Darkness fell, he had no mobile, but the smoker had a cigarette lighter in his pocket, and so was able to light a fire that saved his life and kept the local wolves at bay. ‘I only had a small lighter in my pocket,’ he said. ‘I remembered how we went camping in my childhood. I set up a fire and added branch by branch to it.’I ate snow. Then I found a metal can and melted snow in it to drink.’I chewed pine tree needles…. I tried not to sleep but to keep walking around the fire.’ It was the fire that saved his life. It took five days for rescuers to locate the lost logger who had inadvertently wandered far from where he had gone missing.

Days three to five felt like one endless day,’ he said. He became weak, hungry and dehydrated. ‘I was losing my mind. When I was found, I was lying on the snow not wearing my hat and coat. ‘I just cuddled myself. ‘Then I remember only vaguely – people around me, being in a jeep, I was holding a thermos with tea… then doctors, ambulance, on the way to hospital’.

A rescuer said: ‘When a human is in agony and, dying from the cold, he gets a false feeling that he is hot. ‘If a person throws away his clothes as he did, it means he is about to die in an hour or two’ Astonishingly, doctors found the divorcee – who has a daughter Milana, five – had frostbite on only one hand and didn’t even catch a cold, let alone pneumonia.

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