Sherwood Forest Father and Son Wildman Account 2012

This is one of the first accounts I found when I joined the early British Bigfoot Research Team with Adam Bird.  Back then the accounts were so rare we had hardly any new ones coming in, they were very few and far between, it does show just how far things have moved in the last six years alone.  Now it seems as if we dont go a week without a new account coming in.  

Kerry P: I wish to report something that I saw when I was driving close to Nottingham a few nights ago. I know you don’t have Sherwood Forest on your web page but I didn’t know who else to contact, there isn’t anyone else I feel I can speak to or who would believe me. Im a normal everyday Woman and I travel this road often and I saw something that I can not quite believe.

I was heading home to Cuckney from work and I was driving along the Worksop Road. it was still light about 4:50pm and I saw two figures stood to the side of the road as you drive through the forest, they were stood just within the trees. Im going to be honest and say their appearance really scared me. They were really and naked and looked like cavemen of some kind, the big one stood about 6 1/2 tall and was clearly a male. I could see his sexual parts.  This male was covered in hair, which was brown in colour. It had no clothing on it at all.  And they had something strange about their appearance, they had weird shaped heads, like a deformed skull, very apish almost like a chimp, but the face looked human too, very man like. the other was much shorter, only about three foot tall and had less hair on its body then the Adult one, but the little one looked the same as the bigger one just younger, a deformed head for a human but still a human face within it. I dont know how to explain it to you.  Its very hard to put into words.

I don’t know what I saw but it is strange. What looked like Father and son or an adult and child, haired covered all over, and just standing there using the trees to hide at the side of the road. I wondered if they were just waiting to cross over? But how can these people hide when so many people visit this area? It just doesn’t make sense.  They looked for all the world like wild people, or how you would imagine we once looked? I am too scared to tell anyone in case they laugh. I cant bring myself to tell anyone else and my husband wasn’t keen on me reporting this.  But finding out there are other reports makes me feel better. I was going to the police but my husband says they will report me to the authorities under mental health act.

A local teenage myth says that the forest is home to a tall hairy man, whose eyes glow red in the dark. There is a chance that this is a modern version of the tree spirits that were once said to live here.  

Nick Redfern reported in one of his many books a curious case from the forest. Another report from Sherwood – I received a phone call today 4th December 2002, from an elderly gentleman who has requested anonymity for obvious reasons, claiming that he saw a large hairy hominid which was approx 7 – 8 ft tall in the vicinity of Sherwood forest approx 20 years ago, around 1982. As he was in a couple he wasn’t the only witness, as his wife also saw this and confirmed his account.  It was at around 11:00 – 11:30pm as they were driving their car along the Budby to Ollerton road, and just before the Edwinstowe turn off that he saw the hominid run across the road, he though at the time it may have been a prank (someone dressed up) and hasn’t spoken publicly of it until this day, he didn’t see a face, he doubts it was human as the thing just moved too quickly to get a good look, though they didn’t stay around to find out.

After a plea to the general public, for further information concerning the “Sherwood forest Thing” which appeared in the Nottingham’s Evening Post on the 28th November 2002, I relieved a phone call from a very quietly spoken gentleman, stating that he was in these woods the night previously and witnessed a dark hairy figure in the trees “it’s eyes were red” he said.

It looks like Sherwood may a few more mysteries than the ones we already know about, watch out Robin Hood it looks like there are more than outlaws in Sherwood and there probably always have been.

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