Something around my camp? What Creature was watching me? 2014

My encounter happened a few years ago at night in I think around September,  when I had gone out on a remote excursion to see a meteor shower It was the first time I’d ever been there.  I’d like to remain anonymous but you can pass my sighting along to anybody you think could benefit from the knowledge or may be interested in hearing about my encounter.  The night that it all happened it was slightly wet weather  and I was camping up near a Ward Hole Crag,  I had settled in for the night when I realised I was not alone.  I first noticed there was something watching me from outside the camp and this lasted for about 15 or 20 minutes.  I kept watch as the creature lurked around the area where I was camping,  constantly on the go and seemingly moving every few moments to a different spot from which to apparently get a better view and watching me the whole time.
I will be honest, I was scared for a while there, not by anything the creature did or any noise it made, but it kept changing position and watching me constantly, in fact it was very unnerving and I was quite frightened at the time but it never made a sound other than the sound of it getting up and running a short distance where it would squat down again and seemed to be watching me from about as far away as half a football pitch distance.  It wouldn’t stay in any spot for more than a few moments, every couple of minutes at the most it would squat there, before lunging up and running off sideways to a different vantage point, where it would squat down again and peer at me. I didn’t have a fire going at the time so I was fairly well in the dark but the sky provided a slight bit of light, just enough to see the thing as it lurked around my area. From that position it looked to be maybe three or four feet tall but when it lurched away it became maybe five feet tall but hunched, over looking a bit like a stereotype image of a soldier scurrying across a WWI battlefield trying to stay low, only moving astonishingly fast. No human could move like that. It was absolutely terrifying.
I got the impression it was trying to see what? or who? I was, which was why it kept moving quickly from one vantage point to another, but never coming right up close enough to me to give me a really good look.  It felt like I was being scrutinised by something that was perfectly at home there and I felt like an unwanted intruder.
As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep at all that night.  I just huddled there in the cold waiting for daylight, and when it was almost morning I made my way back out of there, but I was keeping a watch behind me the whole way out,  just in case it was still there, but as far as I could tell it was gone.  It was a really intimidating thing to feel like I was being watched from the darkness and it put me right off camping for about three or four years which is most unlike me,  but something like that leaves quite an impression on you.  I’m planning on returning to the area in the next summer for another camping trip, this time more prepared.  I don’t know what to expect.
Whatever it was, it was probably somewhat annoyed at my being there that night which could explain the intimidating scrutiny I felt like I was getting. Also I doubt that this matters to the account but before it happened I heard sheep off in the distance sounding like they were being harassed by something about 15 minutes before I first noticed that something was lurking in the darkness around me. Then during the encounter it kept getting closer and closer little bit at a time but never coming too close. It was enough to frighten the shit out of me and yes I would have buggered off immediately except that to get there in the first place I’d had to walk all the bleedin’ way back to where I’d parked. It was a pretty inhospitable landscape with a lot of places to fall into and things to trip over even in the daylight and in the dark of night I certainly didn’t fancy trekking all the way back from the middle of nowhere with God knows what following me. I was too scared to leave the spot I was in because at least I was camped up next to some big boulders and partly sheltered from the damp weather, so that’s why I just sat it out until the sky began to get light and made a break for it then.
This has put me off camping wild for a while now, and to be honest I keep thinking about what or who was watching me that night.
Until Next Time Deborah

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