Stanley co. Durham 74. Is there a Wild Man Roaming County Durham.

I was contacted by a lovely lady named Karen who had an experience many years ago in childhood that has stayed with her throughout her life, trying to find answers to explain what she saw or how it was even possible she searched online and found others who had experienced the very same things.  A strange Man like creature that others claim is impossible, but like myself and many others, that impossible creature we looked at that day, was so real it is still with us to this day, decades later the old questions of “how” “who” and “what” never go away. Hopefully by sharing her story with others Karen can finally find some answers and hopefully find others who have had the same experience and are out there thinking they too are alone.

Witness Account Karen: I had a strange experience as a child that I’d like to share. Im hoping to shed some light on what happened to me that day and some help in working out what “he” was. I was somewhere between 5- 7 years old and I was in the local woods in Stanley co. Durham with some older children just playing out as children do. The girls I was with were about 13 years old and nice sensible girls. Where I lived back then there were lots of fields and woods but it wasn’t remote or dense. It was an average town really with surrounding countryside and green belt land, small woods and streams. We were in playing in a clearing  and I think there may have been a rope swing. I looked up into a tree and high in the branches I could see a ‘man’ he was crouched down and he was holding a knife in his hand. He wasn’t like a normal man and I called him an Apeman or a Monkeyman. He reminded me of a caveman or Wildman.  I have included a picture I found online that resembles what I saw that day.

I can’t remember a lot of detail about his appearance. He had long bushy dark hair and wore no clothes. I pointed him out to the girls and they looked up but they said no one was there. I ran from the woods crying in fear with the girls chasing after me. They always insisted no one was there. which in a way was worse, I was hoping they would say it was just someone dressed up to explain why he was there but they never did.

He wasn’t like a Bigfoot or what Id imagine they would look like,  but he wasn’t  like a normal man either. I know for sure I definitely saw him that day and it frightened me to think the girls I was with hadn’t seen him and there is no explanation of who or what he was.. Has anyone heard of anything like this? I looked at some images on Google and the one I’ve included really seems familiar.

‘Im going to speak with my parents and see if they can remember additional info I told them as a child.

Little did we know another reader in the same facebook group saw Karen’s post and got in touch with us as he too had an encounter in the very same town, many years later.   To be continued tomorrow…..

Until Next Time, Deborah

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