Stop posting Bushcraft as “bigfoot Structure or Birthing Dens”

PLEASE NOTE: These are examples of wood craft/ bushcraft shelter, used by humans to camp in the woods. I will no longer be accepting these as “bigfoot” structure here or in any of my sites.

What self respecting hidden creature would use a saw to cut limbs and build a place of safety on a well trodden path, in view of passing humans for all to see.  Carry a tool bag around with him, when indigenous tribe will show you how to build a shelter with your hands with windfall logs and branches.  Where are these tool kits stored?  Why are they empty day after day, week after week, never changing?

Im tired of seeing people with no woodland knowledge posting this stuff. Its very easy to research these Bivvy’s  on google or in any of the wild camping groups.  Made by the army and other forces in basic training these shelters are great for a quick night stay or a couple of days but would in no way sustain you for months on end.

It also puts any of your other research into question, a simple lack of knowledge does not make a shelter a sasquatch den or birthing den!!!!! Any group accepting these pictures as “bigfoot Structure” surely has to be given a long sideways look, misinformation sells, but it doesn’t advance us in any way. Sometimes a stick is just a stick. And a bascha is a bascha no matter how you dress it up.  And to be fair if you dont know what a bivvy or a bascha is your not qualified to declare this as non human.  Facebook and Youtube have fueled this misinformation for far to long.

There are thousands of wild campers who camp all year round using these structures as a base for a night or two.  Then over time the debris blows away or the tarp is removed and what we are left with is the old framework, left over years or months to slowly decay back into the woods.  I see these being posted in group after group and on video after video.  When will people realise they are fueling this misinformation.  Some of the quotes when this was explained astounded me, one gentleman said “im sure they have hand tools and saws and will use fire and twine on occasion” well Mr Larkin I highly doubt that but I suppose its good for facebook ego boosts.  Or another “of course they are bigfoot related I only find them close to people areas, the further I go into the woods the less of these I see”  I think you may have answered your own question there lass.

You see these close to the path and in human areas because it us humans that are leaving them.. Put a game cam on you “bigfoot Den” and watch as it never changes or has a visitor.  And thats before we start on the Red Ring paradoilia faces.

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