Strange Figure Captured at Cannock Chase March 2019! It was Big and on all Fours 2019

Strange Figure Captured at Cannock Chase March 2019! Cannock Chase Podcast Prt 1

Hi Deborah, I am a member of a paranormal team and we often investigate out at Cannock Chase as our team are in the process of carrying out a longitudinal (long de tudinal) study across the Chase. We have conducted repeated observations of the area over a long period of time. As most Bigfoot Researchers do when studying one set of woods over a number of seasons in the hopes of gathering evidence or spotting a pattern or any anomalies that may occur. The study on this night was taking place on the Golf course close to the common on Cannock Chase.

On the 25th of March 2019 We were out doing our usual search when we experienced a series of Wood knocks in the Milford Common area, the Wood knocks were followed by what sounded like a boulder or a tree stump being repeatedly slammed into the forest floor a number of times. A couple of the more skeptical members of our party later reported a large shape they were not certain how to describe ‘it’ had crossed the path behind us. We have a return visit planned to this area soon.

We investigate as a team and this will be our 8th investigation in the last year. Our last investigation was spent at Castle Ring an ancient hill dated I think to as far back as 50AD. We are slowly building a profile of the strange electromagnetic energy that seems to exist there in pockets across the area. We have also experienced light anomalies too on a regular basis.

We have in the past also passed on some of our findings to Nick Redfern a well known Cryptozologist who used to live close to the Chase. One member of our group has been investigating the area for several decades now. We have also had a close encounter of the feline kind over towards the German cemetery end of the Chase.

One night while my group moved further down the path away from the German cemetery I heard movement a hundred or so metres off to my right. I had a night vision scope with me, which is great for looking at things from a distance but not great for taking picture images. Having said that I snapped what I thought might have been a person moving. By this point my group had walked on 30 metres. I was alone and I didn’t hang around.

Now I have to be honest it’s not the best picture in the world, but interestingly on the return journey I didn’t see anything similar that could account for the strange anomaly. I also went back and visited during the daytime with a friend to gauge a potential height of the said ‘figure’ which conservatively I put at about 7-8 ft. To see the image mentioned please visit

Many of our members here at BBR who do field research themselves know what it is like to be suddenly confronted by Wood knocking coming from an area you know is empty.  Then comes the huge THUD!!! many of us experience it, when it first happens it can keep some of us, myself included away from the woods for a few days or weeks until we venture in again.  What or why this happens nobody really seems to know, as for now its one of the strange anomalies that can from time to time be a very spooky experience. Included are a number of similar reports.

It was Big and on all Fours, Cannock Chase Creature seen again Spring 2019.

I am a member of BBR and for a while now we have been wild camping and researching in the Staffordshire area. Myself and a friend have been to Cannock Chase a couple of times this year and on the second visit we went we went into the woods closer to the Brocton area of Cannock. Before I joined BBR I was interested in the cases you reported and I like to visit the areas on the Map. I have the Sightings Map I got off your channel on Youtube.

We walked for a few miles around in the woods and came across a really densely packed wooded area which we just had to have a look at,it looked perfect so we went in. About 20, 30 feet inside the wood we found an abandoned camp complete with an abandoned tent, the tent was torn and there was rubbish in bags thrown around, we were not too sure what to make of it, so we left that wood just walked the woods for a few miles before deciding to head back to the car. But on our way back my friend stopped dead in his tracks and was looking off into the woodline he didnt turn but kept his eye on the trees and said “What the f**k was that”? I turned to him and saw the look on his face then I quickly turned to where he was looking but I couldn’t see anything? So I asked him “what did you see”? he turned to me and said “I don’t know, but whatever ‘It’ was ‘It’ was big and moving on all fours.

So me being me I went straight in the wood to try and see what he had seen, or something moving off away from us, but I couldn’t see anything? I did find bones on the floor in there in the general direction of where my friend said he saw this ‘thing’, the bones looked like a young Deers bones because of the small size of the skull and a couple of leg bones left behind, even though they were stripped they did look fresh. And since that day me and my friends have been talking about the incident over and over about what he saw and what ‘It’ could of been. The main reason I am writing this to you is I wonder if you know anyone who does research or is a member in my area who would like to come out with us. on the Chase

Thanks Alan (if your would like Alans contact please email me at

The Walkers Farm Creature yorks 2000

One night, my friend and I headed out to walk my dog, it was a Summer evening but fairly late so it was getting dark out. We turned down the track which now ran through Walker’s Farm and had no intention of crossing over onto the remains of the farm. Instead we followed the road all the way through which took us to a very badly lit bike path. The path ran through a wood of Pine trees, they were densely planted and you could see no further than a couple of feet in front of you. My dog was hesitant in walking down this path, she kept pulling backwards and whimpering. She stalled no less than a dozen times until she gave in and literally pulled us through as fast as she could. We could see the exit of the track thankfully, and as we approached it we heard a very loud cracking noise above our heads.

My friend the dog and myself were all startled. Looking up we saw the tree top shaking. This was not caused by a bird or any small critter, there was no wind and the neighbouring trees were still. We heard another crack, and another, and we watched as the entire tree shook from top to base and we heard each branch snapping as something fell from above our heads. Eventually we heard an almighty thud as something hit the ground right next to us, only we saw nothing landing there. Whatever ‘It’ was ‘It’ was not visible to us but we heard as ‘It’ shot off and we watched the branches move as ‘It@ ran through them into the darkness. All of this must have only lasted a few moments and we ran off in the other direction as soon as we could move our feet.

Months later a friend and I had gone back to Walker’s Farm, It was late, around midnight, we were nowhere near the entrance to the farm but we heard a distant clanging sound. We could only describe it as metal on metal, as if a blacksmith was hard at work. We were both aware of the sound but figured it must have been coming from a distant garden or garage. The closer we came to the farm the louder the noise got, so loud it disrupted our conversation and we became curious as to what the noise that was as by now we could pinpoint the direction it was coming from and it was obviously coming from the farm. We both decided to walk to the top of the hill to see what was making the noise and when we reached it we were sure the noise was coming from inside the hut I mentioned earlier.

We were both confused at this point because we had both previously visited the old hut in daylight and there was nothing but old debris scattered around the floor, no lights were coming from it, it had no windows and it was hard enough to see in daylight so we imagined it must have been the epitome of darkness in there. We decided to go onto the farm, and get a little closer, purely driven by curiosity. We must have been one hundred yards away from the hut when all of a sudden the noise ceased. We stopped in our tracks and moments later we were both aware of something peering out from one of the tunnels, ‘It’ was a dark ‘figure’ but there was enough contrast to set ‘It’ apart from the darkness of the farm. ‘It’ was not a man, and I do not believe ‘It’ was even a human being. The feeling I had was enough for me to be sure of that, terrified does not come close to describing how we felt. We stood there in shock and we both watched as ‘It’ went back in and came back to peer around the corner at us a number of times.

‘It’ was bigger than a normal man, ‘It’ had a mans shape but I cannot say it was the silhouette of a human being. Its head was a very strange shape. In hope of a reply my friend called out to the ‘dark figure’ but that only made things worse. Another ‘dark figure’ appeared at the feet of the first one, ‘It’ was peering at us just like the other one was, only this one looked much more animalistic. ‘It’ was crouched over, on all fours, but again I cannot say for certain that ‘It’ took the shape of anything I had seen before. This silhouette made a noise only describable as a snarling, growling, angry noise, but not that of a Dog of any kind. At this point we fled, running back to the hill and over it as fast as possible. When we reached the street lights we looked back towards the hill to see the first ‘figure’ stood watching us. It never left the grounds of the old farm, but ‘It’ followed us along as far as ‘It’ could go, we saw ‘Its’ head bobbing up and down amidst the trees. This drove us both to tears, that is how scared we were.

Now I am often asked about Wood knocking and whether it is worth trying or not. The simple answer is ‘I’m unsure’ some people swear by it, others avoid it at all costs.  I often hear one very loud knock as I enter an area and I wonder if that is a warning to ‘anyone’ around so I stopped knocking along time ago for that reason, well that reason and the number of reports I received where people have no interaction until they knock, so I suppose it depends on what you want from the visit. One of the many reports that sticks in my mind where Wood knocking is involved is this case from  The report coming next was reported to Bigfoot Tony and passed on to me at BBR.

Core Hill Wood Sept 2016

Witness account: “I have been picking my walks carefully over the past week and today I decided to go into my local woods approximately one mile away @7pm. As soon as we got there, we being me and my daughter we decided to walk off the beaten path which we would not normally do. We walked about a 1/4 mile in and I started to see shelters made against trees with branches? lots of leaning sticks and twigs, at this point sunset was at 7.45pm, so it was already starting to get dimpsy (dusk/twilight). I’m stood looking at these branches and sticks ‘someone/thing’ had gone to a lot of trouble to pull branches big enough that I think a couple of men may have struggled with. It just did not make sense to me at all.

At this point i’m still not convinced and im trying to debunk all this mess. Im also finding loads of broken branches from saplings or trees scattered that hadn’t made it into the pile/structure? We left this area and continued for about 1/2 a mile, and there is another branch/stick shelter I presume is for cover but this one was made much lower to the ground .

At this point in the woods the track to get thinner and a little more overgrown with plants, shrubs and ground cover. So I decided to try a couple of wood knocks but nothing replied. So we carry on walking and in between the trees where it’s clear people don’t walk I find this weird stick lean! It is stood vertical in the soil between the leaves. It’s like all the bark has been picked off, The texture is so smooth likes it’s been held or handled for some time. My dog kept sniffing round it very intrigued.

On we carry, we are about 80m up the path at this point and that’s when it began to feel creepy, just suddenly for some reason we were both spooked. I did a wood knock again! Nothing, as we just stood there in silence . Then we could hear birds fluttering in the trees above. Then total silence, nothing singing no sound at all. It’s getting closer to 7.45pm now. And the light is fading fast. With my Torch In my right hand we continue another 50 metre or so. Then to our right I estimate about 70m away Snick! goes a stick as if it’s been stood upon.!! We stand completely still in silence, we were clearly where people don’t walk very often at all, not really knowing what to do? We find big green bushes to our left that kind of looked like something had been lying down in it, almost bedded down. At this point my 10 year old daughter is really scared and begged me to turn back.

I try to reassure her and see if we can hold out for another 10 mins or so until Snick! goes another stick. At this point it started to feel really strange and my Patterdale Terrier’s ears pricked up and the Dog was looking intently into the dense woods. Right we had enough at that point and we turned back and walked fast in the direction we had come from. As we are half way back, Snick! goes another stick but still around 50/60 meters away I would say. As we are walking I’m flicking my torch into the woods as I turn round looking in all directions! But nothing could be seen. We start to walk faster to the car which is now less than 5 mins away parked at the woodland car park.

We have to use the big dirt gorge to climb down one side and then make it up the other. I’m stood at the top shining the torch back and forth, I couldn’t see anything? Nothing but silence! And blackness.

I’m off again down over the hill and back to the car. My daughter is first in and locked the door and the one behind her. My patterdale at my side as we get closer to the car, I’m still in the thick of the woods for a few metres when Snick! goes another stick to my left approx 25/40 meters away this time, so its cleary getting closer. The Dog goes mental at this point and lets off a warning growl. Something she doesn’t do very often at all. (“the growl worried me as it was low something I’ve only ever heard from her once before. when a pitbull went for her) She backed off and stood behind me which she never does. Being a loyal Dog she normally takes the lead and stands out to defend me but last night it was the other way round. She pauses and sniffs the air again over and over and that gets her back to growling in a millisecond.

Suddenly I get a Whiff of something horrible, by this point my pulse is racing?! The smell was strange, kind of like musty/damp woody smell but with a Whiff of an Animal. At this point I jumped in the car, the Dog was in faster than me. I reversed and span the lights round on the trees but it’s just too thick to see anything. I’m not sure what the hell was out there ? But my dog doesn’t ever freak out on woodland walks ever.

These woods are literally on my doorstep, I have been up there loads of times as a kid, and throughout the years growing up. I’m 35 now and I’m only just learning how to track these ‘things’ and what signs to look for. But never have I ventured off the beaten path before. I have always stuck to the track. I didn’t realise off track just how dense and thick the woods can be, but I can now see that now. But living in a valley of 18k people never have I heard anyone talk about anything up there?

When Half eaten sheep and lambs disappear which happens a lot is always put down to the Beast of Bodmin.

Strachur Strange Wood Knocks, Scream and Tree Breaks

Hi Guys I would like to inform you all of a sighting I had the other day in Strachur (Argyll in Scotland) I was out riding on my local Mountain Bike Trail when I started feeling a little weird. I can’t really describe it to be honest it was like I was being watched from the trees. I was sorting my gear out and I could feel ‘something’ watching my every move it was horrible I got my stuff packed and started cycling down the hill towards the village as quick and safely as possible, I did not want to go down here in these woods feeling like I was being watched and observed by an unseen ‘animal’ as I was heading down I heard a high pitched Howl followed by wood knocks coming from the bottom of the hill I was quickly rushing down to. I have to keep going though so I carry one down the hill to find a tree pushed over the path. I scrambled over it and road out after that I never heard anything else.

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Until Next Time, Deborah

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