What it is like to be a Witness in a “Fortean” World.

“The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”
― William Blake

Very wise words, and ones I hold dearly, opinions are useful, they make us look at things from another persons point of view, to try and see through the eyes of someone you are not. Like the marathon runner who runs a race, to be told they didn’t by a man in his kitchen 1000 miles away from the race seems absurd I know, but sadly its what many of the witnesses to British Bigfoot are told constantly day in day out. Like the runner himself, the uninformed man’s opinion doesn’t affect the runners race, or his effort and the work he put in, it is merely the opinion of a man who assumed, who feels his thoughts are truer than the feet of the runner on the track?

We all know the old saying “to assume is to make an Ass of U and Me” and this is true, regardless of your theory or opinion, until you stand where a witness stood, on the day that it happened to them, you really have no idea of what they saw. How it affected them in life, and how it changed them as a person. All you have is a guess.

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