A Mysterious Beast is Stripping Sheep, Has the ‘Skerray Beast’ struck here again?

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES!!!!!! A large “beast” with a taste for sheep is believed to be roaming the most remote parts of Northern Scotland, stripping sheep from their skin and leaving no trace but bones and wool.  The mysterious beast’s latest catch is a hefty and healthy ewe of about 50kg. Her wool was neatly peeled off her skin before it was eaten. The carcass was found less than 100 yards from a croft in Swordly.  The ewe belonged to Susan Mackay, who is not the first crofter to fall victim of the unknown animal. Jim Johnston, 66, who lives in the village of Bettyhill, has developed a particular interest in the story and went to the property and photographed Mrs Mackay with the carcass of her sheep.  He told the Independent that over the past five years, about 40 sheep have[…]

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