The Ape like Beast of Brassknocker Hill Bath 1979

It was mid July 1979 that Ron and Betty Harper discovered that something powerful and unknown had torn the bark off their old oak tree; also the local animal population – including squirrels and birds – seemed to have vanished and sightings began to surface of something prowling the area day and night. Their goat was badly frightened by something on a number of occasions.

Squirrels usually strip the top of branches, but the damage here looked as if it had been done by an animal hanging underneath. The bark had been stripped off all the branches from around 20ft up. The tooth marks that were left were around 10 to 20 times the size of a squirrel’s. All the birds seemed to have gone and the wood was silent. By 1 August, 50 trees had been stripped.

A man driving through Monkton Combe at night also encountered an animal he described as being 3ft to 4ft tall with bright white rings around its eyes, like a spectacled bear. The beast was never identified.

Whatever the creature was, as it was described as looking like a large chimpanzee, a gibbon, a baboon, and even a bear. Eighty-one-year-old Brassknocker Hill resident Frank Green took up a shotgun vigil at night and said: “I am very fond of some animals, but I reckon this creature could be dangerous and I am taking no chances.”

By the following summer, the mystery seemed to have been solved: a policeman caught sight of what was said to be a “large chimpanzee” in the woods. “We were sure this mystery creature would turn out to be a monkey of some sort,” said Inspector Mike Price. “After all, men from Mars aren’t hairy, are they?”

But rumours of strange activities at Brassknocker Hill persisted. and many strange ape like creatures have been reported in the area.


A short walk away is Castle Combe, a place that is known for its high pitched screams, and the sound of voices chattering away that can never be found? Other strange experiences from nearby talk of the A361 Frome Road where a strange dark well built figure is seen at the side of the road by passing motorists. This strange figure, described as tall and well built by the witnesses who see him, has been seen along this road. The Creature/figure is rumoured to be responsible for a mysterious car accident in 1992, which killed the driver. The area has also been the scene of several ABC reports.

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