The Ape Like Creature By the Stream, Southway Woods, Plymouth 90’s

Hello Deborah, I noticed your account on the two creatures at Salisbury and I wanted to share something I remember from A long time ago now when I lived In this the South West. At the time I was friends with a Lady who was a medium and very sensitive. She had a young son and he was of an age where he would go out to play with his friends in the woods and fields as most kids did back then. They were safe and happy and came home when they were hungry and tired from a good day of adventure.

One day I was at my friends house and her son came home with a really strange story, he was out with his friend playing in the woods close to the stream when he and his friend saw a strange creature. It was just after school and they used the cut through in the woods to walk home when they saw this strange looking creature down by the stream, my friend believed him as he wasn’t the kind of child to make things up. It looked like an ape creature or something he said.
We talked about this among the adults and we decided to visit the next day to see if we could see the strange creature he had talked about, there was myself, my friend and my Mum. We headed of to Southway woods My mum and I went in the woods with her, there was a very strange feeling in there and you could feel something following us as we walked around, there was this strange heavy like foot falls that we heard echo through the woods. The atmosphere was very strange. I haven’t been back there since then to be honest, and I have moved away now. I just put this down to my friend being an energy worker so I was surprised to see your Salisbury account.
I have had many strange things happen to me and my family in the past, also my late husband experienced some strange things over the years. Im open minded and im sensitive myself so when I saw your page I decided i’d share with you what happened to my friends son. I have noticed some strange stick structures in Decoy Wood in the past. There is also an area close to me called Sandringham park I like to visit as that also has a strange energy to it sometimes. L. T.
This is another account from a small stream or brook that runs into an estuary as you can see from the photo provided from Interactive Map of British Bigfoot and Creature Sightings
The Video of the Account

Until Next Time, Deborah

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