It sounds absurd, but could it be true that an upright snouted creature is walking around the northeast portion of the North American continent on two legs? Included here are a photo and eye-witness descriptions from other encounters that have an eerie similarity to support the idea of an upright snouted creature.

The photo above is of a creature of unknown species standing beside a waterfall.

Amazingly, the creature appears to be holding something and is staring at the photographer, who doesn’t notice it. This creature does not match the descriptions of the legendary Bigfoot. Bigfoot is usually described as being a massive creature that resembles a human. Bigfoot is also usually described as having a conical head and a human looking flat face.

On June 1, 2005 the photo was taken of an unidentified species standing beside a waterfall in the Parc des Sept Chutes in Quebec, Canada by a man who was visiting the area to see the wild life and wild beauty of this amazing place, he was taking pictures to share on his return home. Amazingly, the creature appears to be holding something and is staring at the photographer, who doesn’t notice it.  Although when you view the first image it is impossible to spot the creature with all of the trees.

This creature does not match the typical descriptions of the legendary Bigfoot, which is usually described a being a massive creature that resembles a human or ape, sometimes even an ancient caveman of some kind, having a conical head and a human-looking flat face.  This creature seems to resemble a Baboon type of snout and a very pronounced brow ridge.

The creature in the photo has several unique physical attributes that differentiates it from typical Bigfoot sightings. The creature is erect, standing on two legs and appears to be between 5-6 feet tall. It has an elongated snout that appears dog-like as well as silver hair on its head reaching to it’s shoulders. The creature’s body is black and the left arm is visible bent at the elbow.  This image is impossible to say for sure one way or another what the creature is, but it is very interesting all the same.

Other accounts from Quebec are just as starling, this account for instance

My name is Roger Couture. The event I describe here happened on february 12th 2009 at 9h10 on the road 109 going north to south from Matagami to Amos, Province of Quebec, Canada.

In november 2008 I planned a caribou hunting trip at a Fish & Game Lodge on the road « transtaïga » that goes from west to east at James Bay latitude in the province of Quebec.

I live in a medium size city east of Montreal in an agricultural area. This hunting trip represented a 1600 km (1000 miles) car ride. I went there alone after the « pourvoyeur » I was dealing with assured me it was possible to join a group of hunters once there. Usually they ask hunters to form a group before they buy a hunting trip.

The hunt went well and happened on the 8-9-10th of february 2009. February 11th was the departure date and after a ride of 900 km I stopped in the city of Matagami for the night. The next day on february 12th 700 km were left to get home. I left Matagami at about 8h15 on the road 109 going south toward Amos city. My cruising speed was 90 km/hour. The weather was clear with little cloud, – 10˚ or -12˚C and almost no wind. The forest around was mixed with fir, spruce, poplar, birch, etc. At 9h10 the following event happened. Though it lasted about 6 seconds from the first sight till the end I must describe what went through my mind:

I came to a straight portion of the road that gave me a view of about 500 meters. At the other end of that portion of the road was a small hill with the road curving to the left. At the top of the hill still on the left (east) side of the road was a big post announcing Hydro Quebec installations called « Poste Joutel ». The secondary road that led to those installations was closer to me and on the right (west) side of the road 109 about 250 meters from the post.

At first glance I thought there was a large black domestic garbage plastic tub on the left side of the road at a distance of about 400-450 meters from me. It appeared to be at the same distance as the Hydro-Quebec post but right on the shoulder of the road. The type of garbage container with rectangular shape, standing like a column. However I thought this container did not reflect light rather appearing as black as charcoal. Furthermore I found it strange because I thought there is no house or cabin up here. As I approached the thing (350 meters) I realized that it was walking towards me down the hill still on the shoulder of the road. It appeared then not only as a rectangle but rather as a person. Probably a man of a good stature and his general appearance suggested he was wearing a snowmobile suit. At that moment I told myself that the « person »’s suit was equipped with a hood because of the bell shape it gave to the head and shoulder. If the first feature of the « person » was his blackness, the second was uniformity: there was no difference neither in color from head to toes nor in the contour of the line that would normally differentiate boots from trousers, trousers from coat, and coat from head /hat.

The observations I made were the following:

Non light reflecting, deep darkness of the entire surface of the body.

All proportion of the body could have been those of a man in a snowmobile suit.

Clear movement of the legs even if I saw it from in front of the « person »; the legs appeared as uniform in diameter from waist to feet.

One thing that surprised me: the slope of the hill was small, however each time the « person » made a step towards me I could see the change in height by the position of the head. This suggested that the strides were quite long.

No movement of the arms because the « person » was holding its forearms in front as if resting on its belly or holding something; I could distinguish the 90˚ angle of the elbows pointing out on each side of the upper body. I could not distinguish the exact position of the forearms since they were as black as the abdomen.

Broad shoulders with slight angle

Bell shape of the head; surprisingly even at such distance I noticed a vertical lighter color line in the middle of the face which correspond to the nose location.

This one is based on a great effort to recall the dimension of the « person »’s body but this has a larger margin of error : when I try to remember the scene as a movie clip and when I recall the bending of its knees I have the impression that they were overtopping the snow bank (3 feet).

But at that distance that is as far as I can tell about details. What make me strongly believe that this being was a Bigfoot is the nature of the following events:

At that moment I took a look at my rear mirror to see the lights of a car following me at distance; this glance lasted about 1,5 seconds but was enough time for the « person » to disappear completely from my sight. In such a large corridor this disappearance was surreal. Even though I did not make the calculation right then I knew that the person had to run quite fast to get to the woods since there were two large areas cleared of any brush on each side of the road…but full of loose snow.

When I realized that the « person » disappeared I gave the benefit of the doubt for a more plausible scenario: the person probably got to his driveway and then to his cabin. However when I got to the place where it disappeared, there were no cabin, no house, no road, no car, no trail, no nothing; only woods and snow.

The calculation is the following: The shoulder of the road is large enough so that a car can be parked, let’s say 6 feet wide. Next to it is the snow bank, about 6 feet wide and 3 feet high. I will be able to check later that this is compact and crusty snow on which a person would sink only 2 inches deep. Then the person would have to cross a distance of 20 feet of white clean snow to get to the forest. When I will try to walk there later I will sink 3 feet deep on my first step and backed off immediately crawling on the snow bank.

Coming back to the event, I slowed down driving on the right shoulder of the road and looking on the left through the woods. I let the chasing car passing mine in order to get on the road again and find a place safe enough to make a U-turn. I was driving a 4×4 pulling a trailer. I needed time and space to complete a U-turn. I had to get away from this curve to have enough time to check if a heavy timber carrier truck was behind me. I went about 400 meters to do it, then I was back to the site.

On my way back I noticed a small green post indicating 170 km (106 miles) just before the Hydro Quebec sign, (probably the distance from the city of Val d’Or?). I parked the car right at the spot where the « person » disappeared. When I got on the snow bank right away I heard loud branch breaking noises, I guessed 50 yards in the woods. It lasted for about 5 minutes. I needed to find tracks and I decided to proceed step by step. No track could have been made on the shoulder of the road on which the « person » was walking. It was too hard a surface regularly scrapped by snow plower trucks. I walked on and off the bank for 200 yards to check for tracks either on the bank or on the 20 feet clean snow band along the woods. No tracks. I decided then that I had to go in the woods to find the tracks. After I sank in the loose snow I decided to put a warmer coat on and a pair of snowshoes. I covered 200 yards walking 15 feet in the woods along the road. Even equipped that way I happened to sink 2 feet at some places and had a few falls.

Since heavy snow falls during the last weeks had been followed by milder conditions, packs of snow had been falling from the big trees and had made track like marks on the surface of the snow in the forest. Spotting tracks in those conditions was difficult. I am sure that there where at least one track at the edge of the woods but I could not find it. Furthermore I could not expect to find tracks showing exact details of a foot since because of the abundance of snow, the holes left by the legs of a person would get filled with loose snow after the foot left. After having spent an hour and a half on this event I decided to quit.

The fact that no tracks were found in the vicinity of the road tells me that if I had kept my eyes on the « thing » instead of looking to my car rear mirror I would probably have witnessed a spectacular jump by a special creature.

It came to my mind that people living in this area must witness such events a few times a year. However for a person viewing a similar event at similar distance such as the one I reported, probably simply take it for a weird person that got quickly to the woods…and that’s it. No fuss and no need to report it.


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