The Bigfoots of Hamsterly Forest, NE England

Hamsterly Forest is a large forested area in the North East of England around 2000 hectares of mixed scenic woodland lying between the Wear and Tees valleys on the edge of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Fed by a number of Rivers Hamsterley is a delightful oasis of broadleaved and coniferous woodland, sprawling along the sides of a sheltered valley.  It seems the vast forest is home to more than just the usual wild life.

The Hamsterly Hairy Wildman.

Many years ago now Myself and two mates were camping at Hamsterly Forest which is situated in the North East of England, its something we did often and with permission of the ranger, we camped in field just a ways off from the rangers hut, We had set up our camp, got some beers out and went about enjoying the day.  We had a few beers and by about 11 pm we decided to go for a walk to get some air before bed, we set off together and had walked no more than about twenty minutes when things started to get weird.   We were spooked by the noise of branches being broken as we walked along the trail, and off to the side of us in the bushes we could hear something moving along and breaking branches and limbs, to be honest we all ran back to our tents, we zipped up and spent a very nervous night, but thankfully nothing else happened.

The next two nights was silent thankfully apart from one strange experience of something being rubbed on one of our tent from outside.  We stayed put in the tent and none of us went to investigate, we were all still thinking about the branches snapping on the trail on night one.  On the fourth night we were all sleeping when bang!! something whacked our tent hard, without thinking clearly as I was sound asleep I jumped up and went outside as fast as I could, I was a bit annoyed to be honest and ready to have a go at whoever was out there messing about.  It was a moon lit night so I could see about twenty yards all around me quite clearly and there walking away was this huge almost Human Figure, this “thing” was about 7/8 feet tall and as it was walking away from me I could see it was wider and much taller than anyone or anything I had ever seen in my life before. I couldnt believe what I was seeing, whatever “it” was it was walking off from me and I could see it was a very dark brown almost black sillhouette.

I went back in to the tent quickly and my mates tried to ask me what I saw, but I was speechless for about ten minutes, my mind was reeling, then all I could say was, “we need to get out of here” they just ribbed me and tried to explain it away so I just left it at that and kept quiet. We stayed in the tent untill morning, which was not easy for me and I was shaking with fear, my mates said “it could just be a ranger” but I knew it wasn’t. The next morning we went to see the ranger on duty that day and he said he had not been back there or knew of anyone else who was camping. That was one of the scariest nights of my life, And It took me over 10yrs to go back into the woods again and even now after what I have seen Im reluctant to stay out over night in the woods.

A possible Bigfoot? Low Shipley 2017

We were contacted by Ross Hodgson who saw something strange in Hamsterly forest whilst out hiking.  He said “I was walking in the woods up in the Black Banks area close to Low Shipley and very near Wolsingham. I was out hiking and just walking along the other day and I saw something that I could not really describe and I thought it could of been a Bigfoot type creature – I once watched a documentary about them and this thing I saw looked exactly the same.  It was upright, hair covered and all one colour. I’m positive there is one lurking in the woods around Hamsterly Forest and I know people will not believe me but what I saw looked like a Bigfoot that you would see on TV.


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