The Black Shuck of Barham, the Hell Hound that chased two men before vanishing

The East Anglian Magazine, 1947 published a letter from FW Kent: “I well remember seeing this hell hound one night about 30 years ago. It was at Barham, near Ipswich, on the main Norwich Road. I was working as a warrener and had been out setting traps with another man,” he wrote. “We were returning home along Barham Church Lane about 10 o’clock at night and were just passing Barham Hall Gates when we saw a large dog lying in the middle of the road. It got up and began to follow us. It had a rough coat and big luminous eyes and its height was about 2 ½ feet.

“One moment it was on our heels and the next moment it had vanished. I struck at it very hard with a stick I was carrying, but the stick went right through it. Had it been an ordinary dog the blow would have killed it. It bounded away down Barham Church Lane, crossed the main Ipswich-Norwich road and disappeared through a solid brick wall. That was the last I saw of it.”

This is also the area where ‘A man in England was surprised by a monkey-like animal he says came out of the woods in the county of Suffolk. Bury St Edmunds resident Geoff Knights says he was looking for “big cat signs” in the Offton woods, near Stowmarket, when the creature showed up on Aug. 14. “I have seen one big cat and several pug marks (name used for animal footprints) too,” Reportedly, he began hearing primate vocalisations and “crashing” sounds coming from the thick vegetation. “I heard it as clear as day. A monkey going woow woow. over and over Then I turned and saw it.”

Knights reports that he saw an animal matching the physical features of a gorilla mixed with the “general shape of a man”.  “It was a similar colour to a chimp,” he explained. “It walked fast with its legs like ours and not like a chimp would walk. It knocked branches aside as it went along with its arms. They looked to be at least a third longer. It was probably 5′ 8″ tall.”

The creature, he says, then disappeared back into the woods. “I became very panicky’

You can access all of these reports on this handy map, just click on the icon and the report will open up for you.  Sighting Accounts  


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