The Broomfield Dog like Beast 1990 1994

Witness Statement C. Shaw

I grew up in the countryside near Essex, UK. Back then we lived in a very rural area surrounded by thick woods and fields. There were rivers and streams and fields. There was a small farm down a single track road. My first encounter of this thing that I can only describe as a beast was in our garden at about 11.30pm when I was about 13/14.

My Step Dad had just driven back from the pub and was in the kitchen making toast and I went down to get a drink of water.  The back garden flood light was always switched to off as it was very blinding when it came on.  My Step Dad noticed something moving about in the garden from looking out of the window as he waited for the toast to be done. He questioned it and said “do you see that?” so I took a look out of the window and as we tried to work out what it was he switched the flood light on.

Plain as day this thing was on all fours drinking water from the pond. It was huge. I would describe it as black and very wide, very muscular. It turned its head and looked towards the house. Assuming it couldn’t see us from the blinding light we just watched it. I’ve never seen anything like it. This creatures face was just like a dog but it looked fierce and it’s features were very strong. It was covered in thick black hair from head to toe. My Step Dad and I just stood there in shock. It moved away from the pond, stood up on its back legs and leaped over the end garden hedge. This hedge was really high about 10 ft tall. Then “it” was gone. My step dad turned off the light and told me to get to bed. The next morning when i asked about it, he told me that we were never to discuss what we saw again. Whenever I tried to mention it he just denied it as if it never happened.

Another time I was walking my friend home across the fields past the farm barn.  She had been to my house and it was time for her to go home, I decided to walk some of the way with her in the hopes of being out a little longer. On the walk we passed an old farm building/barn type structure it was really old and there was a large broken hole in the side of the barn which we had to walk past to get down the farm track. It was around lunchtime so day light and we could see clearly. As we got closer to the barn we both noticed this animal edged inside of the barn looking out of the hole at us. It moved and i knew I’d seen it before. We both questioned it but decided to back off slowly and it moved further backwards into the barn. We walked back to mine very quickly and never went down there again.

We had asked around and a few neighbours in the area all said that they had heard weird howling noises at night. But quickly were convinced it was foxes. I grew up in the countryside and I know what foxes sound like and these howling noises were not the sound of a fox.

There was one report sent to the police about an unusual animal in the area after something huge ran out in front of a dog walker into the woods. The dogs refused to walk near to where the animal was and sat whimpering, then this “thing” shot out out of the trees and ran across the field into the woods on the other side. The police came and got a cast of some prints but then it all went hush and we never heard back from them and the “thing” was never mentioned again?

Example of a dog like beast

So this is my personal experience and i am thankful that I no longer live in Essex.

D. L. Hatswell

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