The Cleadon Bigfoot Accounts, Hairy Geets N.E. England, 2002-2003

Like Woodwose or Wudwusa, Geet is a regional name for giant or great.

A couple of interesting reports from the Cleadon Area in the North East. Situated between countryside and shore, with an abundance of resources and cover, Cleadon would seem an ideal place for an encounter – but to have two separate witnesses report similar accounts at the same time to separate sources, speaks to the fact that something 7ft tall and hairy, that looks like a man, is walking the country roads of Cleadon. Locally it is known as the “Geet”, which is another of the names used to describe upright, hairy bi-pedal figures.  

The Cleadon Geet 2002/3

What happened took place when I was aged 16.  I’m from Whitburn and had been to see my girlfriend who lived in East Boldon. It’s a bit of a walk so I used to catch the last bus which was at around 11pm, and I often used to miss it, meaning I’d have to walk home, which took around an hour. My well used and normal route was to walk along Cleadon Lane, a dark country road heading into Whitburn. It was a bit over grown with no lighting so you couldn’t see clearly – it was an eerie place to walk.

On one occasion there was a clear sky and the moonlight was shining, not a full moon, but enough so that it wasn’t pitch black and I could see up ahead as i was walking along heading to the bus stop. About 100 metres up from the Charlie Hurley Centre, next to the sign for Whitburn, I was caught short and needed to use the bushes as a bathroom. I stopped to pee and moved over towards the bushes, so I wasn’t visible to anyone.


This road connects the two encounters

To my complete shock the bushes opened up in front of me, they just parted and this massive, skinny, hairy thing came lunging out at me. I jumped back, and remember screaming in shock because it was so tall and hairy. I can only describe it as looking like Chewbacca from Star Wars but thinner. It scared me witless. I turned and ran quicker than I’d ever ran before, and I could hear it’s thuds behind me for maybe 10 metres. It clearly did not want me there. I didn’t stop to look back and my feet didn’t touch the deck. I thought I was running for my life. I can honestly say I would have beaten Linford Christie at that moment in time. I never stopped until I got home, which was next to the Army camp. I told people over and over; I never shut up about it for weeks to my friends, half who believed me (because I wasn’t a story-teller, like some) and half who laughed and didn’t believe me!

I returned on my bike the next day and tried to piece together what had happened. I noticed that the bushes went down into a ditch, and worked out from the size of the ditch, that the thing must have been 7ft tall.

As the years have passed some people still bring up my experience and chuckle about it, but when I saw your article, I ripped it out and showed them. They couldn’t believe it. What they no doubt struggled with was the fact that the more people who claimed to have seen the creature, the less likely it was that the beast was imaginary, as opposed to very real.

A growing number of people have claimed to see the Geet, and no matter how bizarre or unbelievable it might seem, we are forced to take what they say seriously.

Rocky outcrops at Cleadon Nature Reserve

Devoted sceptics will have already filed the Geet in their “Daft & Impossible” drawer, pointing out that a flesh-and-blood creature of this size simply couldn’t live in our locality without being seen far more frequently. In any event, no amount of sceptical posturing will make the witnesses deny what they know they saw, as it’s hard to imagine how witnesses can mistake something else for an 8ft tall, hairy, ape-like monster.

The Cleadon Wildman  6/10/03

I was in Cleadon in the North East when I encountered what seemed to be a large bipedal creature. I was visiting a friend in the area, when I decided to walk to the local store to purchase some wine to supplement the meal she was about to cook for us.


The night was dark so it is hard to tell exactly, however it appeared to have a thick fur coat. I estimate that I was around 50 yards from the creature as it walked along the edge of a tree line, before it was startled and ran back into the trees. I only came to be walking in the area as a short cut between a colleague’s house and the local store. I have been on various websites looking for other sightings in this area but have so far been fruitless in my search for a similar encounter.  It was solid built, with what looked like a thick fur coat.

The encounter was very brief so unfortunately there is not much else to report, although there was another person in the vicinity at the time. I believe they were taking their dog for a walk, which is possibly what startled the creature, although by the time I had walked around a waterlogged area between us, they had gone, along with the creature.

Folly at Cleadon

Cleadon is a suburban village in South Tyneside, North East England, in the county of Tyne and Wear, and the historic County Durham. Cleadon Hills Nature Reserve is a hidden gem – even some people who have lived in the region for many years have never seen it. One of the reasons is that it is at the top of a single track road and it isn’t signposted so you’re unlikely to just happen across it. There are a couple of main entrances – one requires climbing a low stile from an entrance on Sunniside Lane while the other is through a kissing gate near the old farm gate.

Sadly, there are no longer grazing cows to keep down the grass so it can be a little jungle-like at times, but there are well-trodden paths to follow.  It is part of a walking trail and it is possible to follow the walking trail to the coast at Whitburn.
It’s listed as an area of natural beauty and features striking limestone outcrops which no doubt will contain a cavern or two. 

D. L. Hatswell 22/11/17



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