The Devon Wolf 1996, And What happens at Wistman’s Wood 2014

“I live in a small town in Devon (UK) just south of Dartmoor and there have been many sightings of what appear to be werewolves in the fields near here and up onto the moors themselves. The most known sighting was in 1996 and was by Emily Watton. She was walking here two dogs; a collie and a labrador/springer spaniel cross, on the moors in early October when the dogs started going crazy. Then both, at the same instant, turned around and started trying to run in the opposite direction Emily was headed. Emily kept hold of the leads and while trying to turn the dogs around, she saw a huge creature “about 7 or 8 feet tall” running towards her. It was “wolf-like but the forelegs were much longer and the chest much deeper. It was covered in fine black, grey and brown fur and hair brilliantly yellow eyes.” The snout was longer than either of her dogs’ and she could see fangs when the creature opened its mouth. She started to run but the creature was, in her estimation, at least 4 times as fast as she was. When the creature got about 20 feet from her, the dogs suddenly turned and started barking at it. Emily kept running but as she looked over her shoulder, she saw the creature stand up on its hind legs, grab the two dogs, then throw the collie into a rock and rip out her labrador/spaniel’s throat”

When she got back to town and told her husband what had happened she was taken to hospital. I’m not sure what happened to her after that but what i was told is that she died of shock that night………

The Werewolves of Britain

Lydford – Farm near Lydford Gorge
Type: Cryptozoology
Date / Time: 5 April 1983,03:00h
Further Comments: Maurice Knowles, a farmer, reported encountering a strange dog-like creature on his land. It resembled a Great Dane, though it had a snout like a pig’s, and only slits where eyes should have been. The creature ran away only when Maurice shouted at it.

And not to far away ofcourse is the imfamous Wistmens wood

What happens at Wistmens Wood 2014

“wistman’s woods on dartmoor is a very nice place many years ago i learned that dartmoor was originally covered in miniature oaks , which brought me to research the area its self . as a avid fan of the unknown i started looking and researching , on many camping trips there as a young one i used to find strange structures made from rocks and wood eg : a design like a mounding grave , lean twos and also trees bent in to to form a x shape . i have also been and looked around the caves in and around wistman’s wood i dint not stay in them for very long as it felt like i was being watched , later in life i started to think about these things and read reports on forums and webpages about wild men living on the moorland ( Bigfoot). many people think of me and others that research and have had in counters raving mad , as a child and teenager i have had many dealings with strange going on’s on dartmoor things i cant explain , being watched and the feeling of something being near,, dartmoor is a very wild place and could hold more then big cats etc , you never know wot or who is out there.”

The wood is also said to be the kennels where the diabolical ‘Wisht Hounds’ are kept. These are a pack of fearful hellhounds who hunt across the moors at night in search of lost souls and unwary travelers. It is said that they are huge black dogs with blood red eyes, huge yellow fangs and an insatiable hunger for human flesh and souls.

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