The Golden Dog Like Creature, The Mickleton Hooter and the Bellhowja Goblin

A Lady contacted me through Facebook and she shared her story about a strange animal she encountered whilst out walking the dog.

Witness Account: In the early 1990’s I rented part of a large house in the Costwolds in the vicinity of Meon Hill. The house was surrounded by private land and farmland and it afforded me the opportunity to walk my dogs wherever I wanted for as long as I wanted without seeing another soul.

One day I had not long left the house and passed from a mown field into a wild overgrown one when I had an overwhelming feeling that something or someone else was nearby. I stopped and my dogs ran on ahead. I scanned all around me and saw nothing, but such was the feeling of not being alone that I persisted and finally looked further afield to see a gingery head and shoulders just above the long grass.

I had no doubt it was regarding, me just as I was regarding it. I didn’t know what I was looking at, a fox maybe?  But we looked at each other in silent commune for some time until it started loping with some speed towards me and I knew it was coming straight to me. I had assumed I was looking at a wild animal so I found this turn of events rather disconcerting, also as it came closer I realised it was a lot larger than I had thought, and it certainly was not a fox!

I started to back out of the field and called my dogs who thankfully had stayed quite close and as they ran across in front of me the being changed its course and ran off to a copse of trees. I didn’t pursue my walk that day but I did feel that somehow whatever it was had trusted me and I had let it down by being scared as it approached, why something would trust me but be scared of two small dogs is beyond me.

Postscript: In writing this and with the use of the internet I have now discovered that there were reports of black panthers living wild in the Midlands at the time this occurred, however what I saw was not black and in my opinion not a cat.



On searching Meon Hill and the area’s near by I was greeted with strange tales of Large Black Cats, Black Shucks, White Ladies and Shrieking Ghosts, one poor chap on seeing a Shuck as a young man, then went on to become the victim in the infamous Occult killings on Meon Hill a well known case here in the UK,  Charles Walton, was a man who encountered a mysterious black dog on his way home on nine consecutive evenings. On the ninth occasion, he also saw a headless lady in a silk dress, and a day later, he heard that his sister had died. Many years later he was found impaled and pinned to the ground with his own pitchfork.

Another man had his own encounter with a black dog on Meon Hill. At dusk, the dog ran past him. Shortly afterwards, Fabien the man in question met a local boy walking in the same direction and asked him if he was looking for his dog. When he mentioned that the dog was black, the boy turned pale, said nothing and ran away.

This report had me thinking about the Mickleton Hooter and the Bellhowja, the area is the same, and within a short walk to weeping hollow you will find historical reports of the Mickleton Hooter going back hundreds of years, like many of the accounts close to a River that leads to an estuary, on an old ancient site, and a hill with a strange reputation and a history of paranormal accounts. I dont know what animal it was that Ms P saw that day, but it does remind me of a number of other sandy or golden coloured creatures that remain on all fours, one witness in the South West described them as human faced lions?


Until Next Time, Deborah xx

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