The Growl, Halewood, North West, 1983

This Account came in through the Beasts of Britain Blog: “Hi there… Happy New Year, I’m not sure what this was but here’s a possible encounter that happened to myself and some friends when we were children.

At the time this happened I was around 11 yr old and this happened around 1983/4…


I live in Liverpool UK and grew up in a place called Halewood. There is a fairly large woodland that is intersected by a disused rail line. As far back as I can recall the railway has been out of use, we played there a lot as kids. The woods were a creepy place but lots of us would regularly frequent them, climbing trees or riding our bikes, just doing normal kid stuff, making a racket most day’s. In some parts of the wood the trees grew closely together and were very thick, making it hard to manoeuvre through them, or even enter into them in some places…


We were looking for flint shards to make spears… Yes Stig of the dump was on TV. at the time, and it was a popular series for children, the book is about a young boy on a Summer holiday who find himself an old quarry used as a dump and his adventures with a stone age boy begin.

The railway was a place that had lots of flint. We ended up in what I believe to be a clearing amongst Giant Hog weed…. it was very odd, though we didn’t get the normal burns that you can get from the sap? We were looking on the ground for suitable shards or stone we could nap easily and just concentrating hard and as we were talking, we suddenly heard an awful, growl. Deep, roughened human-like Growl. It didn’t matter where we looked.  We were completely surrounded by the dense vegetation and we couldn’t make anything or anyone out, ….

It could have been a person I guess? I dont think it was though and it did stand out as really weird? but it was such a strange sound. We ran as fast as we could, we felt at the time like we were running for our lives. I think I just broke through the greenery and down the hill to the open fields and kept on running.

Thanks for your time ”

James W

So who knows… Something of interest to note, this is but a short walk from the Wirral Werewolf Girl account 2002 and the Mini Cannibal spoken about in the St Helen’s area. As yet I have not been able to pin anything concrete on that story im afraid.


The area itself was an important one to us humans around 7000 yrs ago as it was one of the main foraging routes here in the North West, in fact some of the early settlers here left us many clues, including a unique set of footprints called the Formby Prints.

About 7500 years ago a series of sand bars or barrier islands developed along the coast off Formby Point, resulting in the formation of an inter tidal lagoon between them and the shore.  For 3000 years, animals, birds and people left their tracks along the muddy shoreline. Some were baked hard by the sun, each tide covering them with a thin layer of sand and silt.  Then about 4500 years ago the shoreline moved westwards, sealing in everything.  But now coastal erosion is uncovering our prehistoric landscape and revealing those ancient imprints.

Until Next Time, Deborah

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