The Invisible Ones. One mans experience in the Lye Valley. 1997

I was chatting with Nik Hayes who has a wonderful website Quest for the invisible s  Nik had a very strange experience with something he could hear, but could not see in the Lye Valley, that was shadowing him as he walked alone at night, just on Dusk. Here is Nik’s account in his own words.

I was living in the area at the time, down at Wood Farm, and myself and my then partner would often visit the woods at night. We used to go down there all the time, late at night together and we often saw orbs of light moving above the river, as well as through the wooded area, although we never experienced anything as scary as my encounter that evening when I was walking down to Cowley for band practise. It was in 1997 and I am still trying to come to terms with it to this day.

In 1997 I experienced somthing that still puzzles me. I was running a bit late for a band practise at my mates house down in Cowley (Oxford)  The journey involved getting a bus down to the bottom of Cowley Road, then walking quite a distance to his house, (roughly a forty minute journey) I would sometimes walk down to his house through a nature reserve called the Lye Valley, which was a nice walk during the daytime, and I could get to my mates house in about twenty five minutes, and save the bus fare and get in a walk.  There is a Brook running through this area called The Boundary Brook, and also a golf course and another nature area to the East.

The walk this night was along a small track that went downhill quite gradually, and as you continue on the walk eventually a steep bank appears on both sides of you, as you get deeper into the valley. The banks going up each side were quite steep and full of trees and brush. This particular night it was already getting dark, but I decided to take the short cut anyway, as the actual Lye Valley walk is only 15 or 20 minutes long, and then you can get up onto the golf course and head down to Marsh Road where my mate lived at the time. So id only be out for a short time at best.

I was about ten minutes into the walk and it was quite dark, and I couldn’t see very much as the trees were on either side of me at this point and blocking out what little light there was left in the twilight sky. I suddenly became aware of something to my left, about twenty feet away from me, and whatever it was, it was walking parallel with me perhaps half way up the bank amongst the trees. I instantly got that fear and a feeling of dread. It was keeping pace with me as I walked.

I suddenly stopped…and whatever “it” was did an extra crunch as “it” took another step, and then “it” too was still. So I started walking faster and so did “it” this “thing” it was stalking me, so I stopped suddenly again, and again this “thing” did a few more steps, as I think it didn’t realise I had stopped, as I made sure to stop suddenly trying to catch it out. I picked up the pace almost running and stopped one more time all of a sudden, and this thing did another few steps, and then it snarled. It reminded me of a program I saw on the Beast of Bray Road, and other wolf/dog-like creatures that people had come into contact with in the USA, where they recreated a snarling sound to go with the re-enactment of the peoples experiences. It sounded just like that. A long drawn out sssnnnnaaaaaarrrllllll.

It made the hair stand up on my neck and I got an instant fight or flight feeling, as I could tell it was slightly in front of me at this point, and the track it was on met the track I was on, and if i kept on in the direction I was heading where the walk met the golf course, I would come into contact with whatever it was. It was a really out of the way area, no-one was around and I knew that something bad would probably happen if I carried on walking towards the golf course.

I turned around, and ran as fast as I could back to Wood Farm, and the safety of the built up area. I didn’t see the thing stalking me as it was dark, but even when a few of the distant street lights above the valley lit up some of trees I couldn’t see anything either…but it definitely sounded bipedal, and the growl it made when it realised I had worked out it was stalking me, was blood curdling, and freaked me out big time, more than anything I have ever experienced. I haven’t dared go back there since, and that was about fifteen years ago or more. I told a few close mates, but haven’t told anyone else.

The whole experience really scared me, and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t dare go down there at night by myself at all. Just thinking of it makes me a bit “on edge” and my body reacts to the fear of that night, even after all these years.  It would be great to hear of someone else who had a similar incident down there at the Lye Valley.

I did record my encounter and you can hear it here HPANWO interview. The Invisible’s time stamp 36.47


I was very grateful to speak to Nik and on checking the map its easy to see how this account fits many of the other reports of hidden growlers or people who have been shadowed by invisible beings.  To be honest I also have experienced this, knowing something is in the greenery beside you and each step you take is copied by something we can not see,  is not the nicest of feelings and leaves you with more questions than answers.  There are many accounts like this, I have included a map link here for anyone who would like to check out their area for any accounts close by.  I would also be interested in anyone close too this area that have witnessed anything strange or out of the ordinary.  I do have another account other than the Mickleton Howler to bring to you this week, of a golden coloured animal that the witness could not identify.  And interesting area and one we should keep an eye on.


Until Next Time, Deborah @)—‘–,—-.

British Bigfoot and other Creatures Map


Nik Hayes is a UFOlogist with a difference. Most of the objects he detects cannot be seen with human eyes and can only be detected with special cameras. See here for his websites including how to buy his book: and: See here for Nik’s documentary:

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