The Ivy Den Creature Sighting 80’s. “It had Red Eyes and was moving towards me fast”

In a small corner of Yorkshire within walking distance of each other there are two similar woods, in a similar setting with very similar accounts, they both happened to boys who were splaying out with their friends in these woods, they were all making noise and playing on rope swings, swinging across the streams, they each in turn encountered strange unexplainable figures that stood watching them, then chasing the boys out and away from the area. They were both  chased off and it seems “not caught” although I think it would of been very easy to catch them if that was the plan.. This behaviour seems to imply a diversion rather than an attack. As you will see in both cases, the boys who reported the incidents and the areas themselves have many things in common.  Children outside with friends enjoying the woodlands are a common source of witness reports.  As you will see from the MAP OF UK Accounts they are not alone.

Witness Account: Dave and I were about 9 or10 years old when we were in what we called the ivy den at Hackenthorpe in Sheffield.  I was sat on a tree swing over a stream when suddenly my friends and brother get up and ran across the stream and up the bank then off as fast as they could go without saying a word to me.  Im just sat hanging on the branch. When I looked down the stream to see why they ran, I saw a 6-7 ft dark figure with the brightest red eyes and it was running up the side of the stream about 20 feet away coming in my direction. Then this thing jumped across the stream with ease (which was to wide for anything normal to jump) heading straight towards me.  I dropped off the swing and legged it across the stream, running hard. Then I fell trying to get up the banking and as I turned to see where “it” was and it was just stood at the other side of stream staring straight at me.  I set off shouting HELP!!!

When my friend heard me yelling he came back in there and got me and helped me to get out. During the 1-2 minutes this was happening “it” never made a sound, no thumping of running feet or no sound when it jumped and landed, this was my second sighting of this “thing” and I have seen a dark figure quite a few times since at work and while driving, “it” was up the side bank to the side of my car.

Map of Sightings and Strange Occurrences from all across the UK

Witness Account: S Winfrow: When I was 14 years old, I was out in the woods close to home a place we went to all the time, doing the usual boy’s games, and on that day I had gone with my brother and a friend and we were messing about as usual for a while and then we decided we would make a rope swing.  It didn’t take long to make the rope swing and start playing on It.  I should say we were in Cat woods in Sheffield.  I have always called it this but it doesn’t show up on maps under any name?  It must just be a local name I think.  Any way we were swinging and making a racket but over the top of that we could hear some thing coming close to where were.  At this point we couldn’t see it just hear it, and whatever was howling was getting closer.  We were looking around everywhere to try and see what it was and then we looked up the tree where the rope swing was but much further up and we saw something there it was black and grey stood on two feet on the branches, we also saw a smaller one across from us that was the size of small child, we ran so fast out of there we went back a day later to get the rope swing but it was ripped apart in pieces and covered in black and grey hair we never went back there again.

That day has never left me and I have spent the years in between collecting accounts from other people in the area and going as far back in newspaper articles, online forums and anywhere I could think of to be honest, just trying to work out what they were.  Today if I had to explain it I was describe them as Bigfoot, hair covered and ape like, almost like a man and a monkey at the same time.

This area in Yorkshire has 10 strange accounts that surround these two sightings, and no doubt it will make for a very interesting place to visit, if your on the lookout for one of our Forest Friends. With reports of upright hairy bipedal creatures, red eyeshine and howls and growls, something is moving around out there. Maybe someone else will also have an encounter whilst playing close to the stream?

Until Next Time, Deborah

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