The Loch Lomond Bears

Tonight I have been in contact with a gent who told me an account he had heard 2nd hand about a couple of “upright Bears” on Lock Lomond.  A mutual friend told him a story told to him by a couple of anglers one day when they were discussing the area and what it was like for fishing.  

The anglers said they had wanted to fish for pike in the early morning so they arrived the evening before and camped on their preferred spot. In the morning very early they set up on the edge of the Loch looking at one of the Islands  when they saw what they first thought was a dark cave opening, until they realised it was 2 Bears standing upright, on realising they had been seen one of the bears started to rock too and fro in a swaying motion.

We are both trying to track down the original witnesses to see what happened next?  How did the tale end?  Did they just leave the area and went their separate ways, no more was added as like keen anglers before them they were more interested in that days catch and who had caught what that the impossible bear sighting.

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