The Mermaids of Indonesia

Residents of the island nation believe in the reality of these cryptids.

Almost immediately, the soldiers began to talk about what they had seen strange creatures floating in the water near the shore. They described that the hands and face them like a man, but the mouth is very wide and similar to the mouth of the carp.

The length of these creatures was barely five feet, their skin was pink, and on his head were some spikes. Thus, unlike classic mermaids, they had ordinary human legs, not fish tails.

These creatures basically frolicked in the small lagoons, or in waters near the beaches. The style of their voyage seemed to the Japanese similar to brass. One night one of the soldiers went to bathe and saw the sand creature, which first took to be a child.

But when it turned to face him, he saw that his features are not like human. Immediately after that, the creature rushed headlong into the water and disappeared from view. The soldier looked at the water for a while, but being on the surface never reappeared.

When the soldiers met the locals and asked them about these sea creatures, they said that these creatures are called Orang ikan. Orang means people, and ikan is fish. According to local fishermen these Rybolov sometimes even caught in their nets and then the Japanese asked them to indicate if it again happen.

One evening the Sergeant Taro HORIBA was called to the village nearby. When HORIBA arrived, he was told that on the shore threw a dead Orang Ikana and that it was moved to the hut of the head of the village.

HORIBA went to examine the body. He described the creature as a length of 160 cm, with reddish brown shoulder length hair. Around his neck was a sharp thorns, and his face was very ugly and resembled face of a monkey with a short nose, a wide, low forehead, and small ears. The mouth was lipless and wide as the fish, and the teeth in the mouth was very small, but sharp as needles.

The fingers on the hands and feet of the creatures had webbed, and the rest of the body was covered with some growths, like algae.

Sergeant HORIBA could not understand what this creature and what species it belongs. Never before he had heard about these creatures and species of this creature frightened him.

Unfortunately, HORIBA made no photos or paintings found being and return to Japan, his story no one believed. And then it does and ridiculed, believing a liar.

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