The Night Visitor. A Seven Foot “Ape Like Man” Came into the Room

I was contacted by a wonderful Lady who had an amazing experience some years ago and she allowed me to share it here with you all. 

S: This happened to me some years ago now, and until hearing other people share their encounters with similar beings I felt it was time I shared something that happened to me when we lived in a flat in XXXXX Park E12.  It was my husband’s place before we married and we lived on the Top floor.  In and old Victorian terraced row of houses.  My husband was older than me, and he worked nights on the railway back then, so I was often alone at night. At the back of flat was the kitchen and bathroom, and a really old balcony that looked out onto the back garden, it was in a bad state of repair, so my Husband took it down and dismantled it because it was rotten and dangerous. Before we got a new one, we just had a ladder up to the back. The balcony was above the ground to first floor back door. So this night I had gone to bed as normal and I had a dream that felt so real.

So, my dream – I dreamed one night a few of us were sitting in the lounge, and a seven foot ape like man came walking into the room. We all sat on the sofa terrified. Everyone of us scared to death as he walked around us.  My hair on my neck was tingling. I was whispering to the others “don’t look up, don’t look at him” and nobody did. He sort of circled us, then he melted into the corner opposite the door.

I then got up, suddenly not scared, and went down to the kitchen to put the kettle on (!). It was if I knew I was safe around him? He followed me walking down the corridor as I did into the kitchen and as I was fixing the kettle he just stood there. He was standing behind me and I saw him briefly, I didn’t want to make eye contact so I quickly looked at his chest for a second. The colour of his hair was like that of a red setter dog. The hair was smooth and sleek hair and it covered a  massively muscled chest.  I’m there calm as anything just making the tea, in my dream and he ‘spoke’ to me in my head. I heard him clearly. And I understood what he said to me.

He apologised for being in my house, but he had no other choice. He said something along the lines of “he was sorry, but they had no other choice than to stop here for the night, as his wife had just had a baby. I said it was “OK” I understood and it was not a problem. Then his wife appeared, she was a smaller figure but was still massively muscled and she came walking in to the kitchen from the little corridor to my back door. She didn’t speak, but held up a really tiny baby one for me to see. He then spoke to me again in my head and said “someone tried to get in here last night,they were trying to get inside, but I went ROOOARRRR.  ” And he did a massive kind of roar. “I scared them off” he told me and I thanked him, and then I woke up.

I told my husband about my “yeti” dream, as that was the only thing I could think of to call him. We were both in the garden the next day, and there was a line of human footprints going up through my borders. . . almost to the back door. I reckon someone certainly was in my garden heading for the ladder at some point in the night and was scared away by a loud ROOOAAARRR.


Until Next Time Deborah.

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