The Ryvoan Tarf Boffy Terror 2005

This Account came in through the Outdoors Magic camping blog and happened around August 2005:

This is the account written by the witness themselves, “I had a really spooky experience one Sunday night. I had been out on the Cairngorms alone and I decided to spend the night in Ryvoan bothy which I had never visited before. I reached the bothy after dark and it was empty. I sorted out my thermarest, sleeping bag and bivvy bag and read for a while by my head torch light before turning in for the night. I was awoken at 2am by the noise of loud conversation which seemed to be coming from outside and I went out and investigated with my head torch but there was no-one to be seen.

I got back into bed and was just getting back to sleep when all off a sudden I heard a series of loud scraping noises as if someone were dragging heavy furniture around the bothy floor!! I flicked on my head torch and the room was empty and the noise stopped. My heart was in my mouth at this stage as I felt really creeped out and I just couldn’t sleep after that. To my horror the noises started up again only louder this time as if a heavy wooden object were being dragged around next to my ear and once again I flicked on my head torch and the noise suddenly stopped – well that was it! I sat up all night and made a speedy exit back to the car at first light! Has anyone else experienced any weirdness in this bothy.

I should add that I’m very used to wild camping by myself and have never experienced any feeling of fear or had any unusual experiences like this before but I know I wont be returning to Ryvoan Bothy again”!!!

The Ryvoan Boffy (pron Rye-vo-an) sits to the north of the main Cairngorm massif at NJ 006 115, about 3.5 km beyond the end of the public road at Glenmore Lodge (itself about 2 km from Loch Morlich).  As you can see on the Map of UK strange events and Bigfoot sightings there are a number of very strange accounts that have happened on the mountain over the years with sightings of strange running figures, stones thrown, footsteps heard with no maker around, strange animal kills, this account from just after the war gives a good idea of some of the strange things that happen to people who visit the area.

The Grey Man circa WW11

During the World War II, Peter Densham was a mountain rescue worker, locating and saving pilots who had crashed in the Cairngorms. One day he was at the top of Ben MacDhui when a heavy mist started to fall. He sat and waited for conditions to improve. After a while he began to hear strange crunching noises and suddenly felt a presence close by. He stood up to investigate, but was immediately seized by a feeling of panic. Before he realized what was happening, he was running down the mountain, dangerously close to the sheer cliff edge. He said afterwards ‘I tried to stop myself and found this extremely difficult to do.

It was as if someone was pushing me. I managed to deflect my course, but with a great deal of difficulty.’ Densham would later state “…tell me that the whine was but the result of relaxed eardrums, and the Presence was only the creation of a mind that was accustomed to take too great an interest in such things. I shall not be convinced. Come, rather, with me at the mysterious dusk time when day and night struggle upon the mountains. Feel the night wind on your faces, and hear it crying amid rocks. See the desert uplands consumed before the racing storms. Though your nerves be of steel, and your mind says it cannot be, you will be acquainted with that fear without name, that intense dread of the unknown that has pursued mankind from the very dawn of time.”    Strange as it seems this does fit with the infrasound theory being used to confuse and scare a potential threat away, maybe Mr Densham stumbled into an area he wasn’t wanted in. The mystery continues.

The Following Footsteps in the Mist.

On 26 September 2006, the following account was posted on the Cryptomundo cryptozoology website by a correspondent with the user name ‘big max’:”I was climbing back down Ben MacDhui in May 1988 when I experienced the footsteps phenomenon mentioned by others. It was pretty misty and I was alone. But it was like ’something’ was behind me, only 10 metres or so, keeping track of me. I back-tracked to see if anyone was there. I didn’t see anything, but it was weird enough to scare me, particularly as the sounds occurred both when I was moving or stationary. It was only after I told this story to a Glasgow cousin years later that I first heard about the Grey Man.”

The mystery continues and each year another person finds they also have a story to tell after visiting this range of spectacular mountains, where more than Men run wild.



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