The Springwell Gorilla and The Windy Nook Screams, Washington NE

I was contacted by a gentleman who asked me if I had any accounts in the Springwell Area as something happened when he was younger that up until now he had no explanation for, a hairy gorilla like creature in an English garden is not something this gentleman thought other people had seen too, I advised him there are many witnesses and I would happily share his account in the hopes somebody in the area saw something similar, before this event or after. Or anyone in the UK who has seen a similar type of creature. This is the Gentleman’s account in his own words: Deborah do you have any accounts in the Springwell Area in the North East?  The reason I ask is when I was younger around 12 or 13 I would sleep over at my grandparents a lot during the weekends and school holidays and one night when I was staying over I saw what looked like a gorillas head peeking out from behind a tree and looking through the trees out side my window,  I think it was watching me in bed and I remember being so scared I hid under the covers for the rest of the night. If I had to describe it I would say, The face kind of just looked like a gorilla, with not much hair on the face, this “thing” had a short stubby nose, massive eyes that looked black but it was dark so I’m not sure if there was any colour to them in a different light? The hair around the face and head looked dark brown/black. I only really seen the head peeping round the tree… Before I made sense of what was happening and hid. I used to spend every free moment at me grandparents home in Springwell village, Washington NE before this happened.


And I can remember that night well although I was fairly young at the time.  I had stayed up late watching TV with my grandparents and when I finally did go to bed I was lying there in my bed and I did not have the curtains closed I never had them closed. I was just lying there in my bed and I moved around a little to get comfy and I lay on my back looking out the window.  I was just looking out the window  thinking and all I could see was the conifer trees my grandfather had planted a few years before. As I lay looking out the window I noticed two eyes looking at me, right away I was scared! then as my eyes adjusted to the surrounding trees and shadow I noticed what looked like a Gorillas face peaking through the trees watching me. Being gripped by fear I hid under my blanket until I fell asleep, as I said the face kinda just looked like a Gorilla with not much hair on the face at all, it had a short stubby nose, massive eyes that looked black, The hair around the face and head looked dark brown/black. I only really saw the head of this thing… Before I hid. But this wasn’t the only strange thing that happened there.


The second account happened about 10 years after I had seen the gorilla face and when I was about 22 yrs old. By now my grandparents had moved not to far away but they were still in the same area, they moved to Windy Nook in Felling Washington NE. I was sleeping over to look after me Nana due to my Grandfather being in hospital, I has a fold out bed to sleep on in the sitting room and I would set up the bed in the middle of the floor when I was going to sleep there for the night. I always sleep with the window open because I have trouble sleeping with out background sounds, I’m awoke in the middle of the night at around 2 or 3 am to what I can only describe as a woman screaming like she was being murdered. I mean it made the hair on my neck stand up it was so bad, and then it stopped just like that and I never heard it again. Nobody reported an attack and non of the neighbours mentioned anything. I looked up different animal calls and sounds like foxes, deer and badgers trying to explain the sound and could not find any thing similar. It doesn’t match any native sounds I can think of.

Situated between two important Rivers in the North East and surrounded by green belt and Nature reserves, Springwell is a small town surrounded by open countryside, fields, woods.  The River Tyne Estuary and the River Weir Estuary are natural wildlife corridors, close to shore and woods this is ideal habitat for any creature to hang out in. The Cleadon Geet Accounts are a short walk to the coast away. And the multiple accounts in the North East can be accessed here  Sighting Accounts.

Until Next Time, Deborah

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