The Strange Hairy Unknown Creatures at the Diamonds. Two Boys See Horrible Creatures

Hi Debbie you dont know me but something happend to myself and a friend in May 1986 and I wondered if you could help me to work out what we saw that night. To tell you the truth I still can’t explain what ‘they’ were. I was out with my friend when it happend and we were wagging school to go bird nesting I remember it was a Friday and the weather was lovely and warm.  By the time things happend we had been out all day up to no good as kids do, we were bored and looking for something to occupy us.

We decided to go over to a Wooded area called the ‘diamonds’ well thats what we called it.  Its a place near Burntwood Nursing Home. There is a large wooded area called Howell Woods but the precise area was over the road down towards a pit village called Grimethorpe. The Howell Beck runs through the place and the incident took place in a copse of woodland towards the B6273.
The old guys we knew used to tell us to keep away from the ‘diamonds’ because it was haunted or to stay clear as the game keeper would have us with his rice gun. Anyway we made our way over there regardless moochin around lookin for nests. We had been watchin a Sparrow Hawk flying to and from this one particular tree, so I decided to climb up it. The nest must have been 30 foot up in a crevice in the bow. So up I climbed up there easily but the nest was empty.
I had just started to climb back down when my mate shouts. ‘There’s somebody coming through the brambles. So I stopped and looked and listened.  Who ever was coming our way they were not being quiet about or trying to stay hidden,’they’ were making a right old noise, smashing through the dense foliage.  You could here the twigs and branches snapping and a strange grunting.
So half scrambling and half falling I made my way half way down the tree. But the noises were not stopping they were getting louder and louder, so I jumped the last 12 foot into the brambles. Not a good idea but I was at this point crapping myself. I clambered out of the thorns and scrub and I set off running as fast as I could. By this time and at the other side of the hedge row I could see the top of this strange head that was flanking us as we ran, ‘they’ stayed hidden behind the bush but ‘they’ were keeping us in vision as ‘they’ moved along with us.
We were a little in front and I knew that ‘It’ would catch up with us at a break in the bushes up ahead. So we got our heads down and ran as fast as we could to try and get upto and past the break before ‘It’ did. It didn’t work and whatever was behind there beat us to it. We stopped dead in our tracks and at that moment we realised there was no getting away as this ‘thing’ just came into view.  Honestly I said ‘shit’ as ‘It’ was so big.  Even an adult would consider this ‘thing’ huge and we were lads of just 13 and 12 years old at the time. It looked like a bulky mass of matted hair, the hair wasn’t really long but it was all tangled and full of twigs and dead leaves. I remember clearly what ‘It’ looked like and ‘It’ didn’t have a neck. Just a head on big shoulders and ‘Its’ face looked all gnarly and leathery, like ‘Its’ skin was all weathered.
We turned in the opposite direction and set off running up the middle of a corn field like our lives depended on it. By now we were crying and gasping for breath and when we looked over to the tree line about 100 yards away there ‘It’ was again, still flanking us but as we turned to look back we realised that the first ‘one’ we had initially seen was still at the break in the hedgerow, so there must have been at least two out there. We looked again and saw the second one stop and by now we were about a 3rd of a mile away from the top of our field and we carried on sprinting till we reached the top.
As we got to the top of the field we stopped to take a breather. I vomited I was that scared and from running so hard, my friend was still sobbing. We looked back and all around but we couldn’t see ‘It’ any longer.  Then there was a shrill sharp scream that was loud, really loud. By this point we had both had enough and we didn’t hang about, we were off out of there like startled rabbits. To this day I couldn’t tell you what ‘It’ or ‘they’ were because I have no idea. We often spoke about it but my friend went his own path in life and died sadly at 19 from an overdose. I still wonder if this had an effect on him, he was a good kid but got in with the wrong crowd. I have only ever spoken to my wife about this.  But what do you think they were. For years we said they were demons but Im just not sure what or who ‘they’ were?
I have been back there on numerous occasions but up to now I have never seen or heard anything else. I do a lot of fishing and hunting so Im outdoors quite often. But I can honestly say what we saw that day has changed my whole mindset on the out doors. I am always looking over my shoulder and listening  for any unusual sound ands to tell you the truth sometimes I hope to get another look just to make sure i’m not crazy and I did see it that day.
I completely understand where this gentleman is coming from, his description of being outdoors as a kid and seeing something impossible will be recognised by many of the witnesses myself included. In Fact I wrote about exactly this feeling in the book of impossible creatures witness accounts on how it feels to be a child witness and not have anywhere or anyone to go to, in the hopes of finding out what you saw or having the experience explained away.  Many of them were in places they should not have been, or skipping school, some were just playing in the fields and woods of the UK as all of did as kids.
In America or other parts of the world before the World Wide Web the kids here in England or anyone really in the British Isles would not be able to connect a weird dark hairy ‘It’ with a cryptid creature of any kind and would of been lost for a comparison to explain what this ‘thing’ was, and sadly I still have to say the same thing to those people now, ‘we just dont know’ is the most honest answer I can give, along with ‘but you are not on your own, more and more people are coming forward who have seen something similar’  I also tell them that ‘one day it will be just as easy to report a strange experience featuring a weird or impossible creature as it is to report a UFO, an Abduction or Ghost.  The witnesses to those events have a platform to share their experiences, and an audience who will hear their account.  That’s what I am hoping for the witnesses to things outside the expected range. 

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