Tomorrow Night The Crypto Realm Show on the Paranormal UK Radio Network

Tune in tomorrow for an update on all of the strange and wonderful paranormal creatures here in the UK

Welcome to The Crypto Realm Radio Show, you can find us on the Paranormal UK Radio Network,

Hosted by Deborah Hatswell bringing you stories, tales, lore, legend, myths and guests and witness reports from across the Globe. If you would be interested in being interviewed or in sharing your experience please use the message option or email me at Thank you for visiting our group and please feel free to share any of the posts or add your own.

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I am a researcher and cryptozoologist based in the North West of England. I have collected and mapped over 35 years more than 450 British Bigfoot Accounts . I have spoken to hundreds of witnesses and their accounts can be found here or by searching British Bigfoot Map. If you have had an experience or would like more information on the British Bigfoot please contact me at

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