The ancient site of Stonehenge in Wiltshire has long been a focus of paranormal phenomena, and I have read some intriguing cases concerning this famous spot on the bleak Salisbury Plain. I will leave out the case of the disappearing hippies from the summer of 1973, who all apparently disappeared in a flash of blue light one night whilst camping out at the stones, as frankly I think it’s an old wives tale. Though if you do an Internet search for UFOs around Stonehenge, it is often the one that will come up. In spite of a lot of searching I have yet to find anything about this startling event other than as a sort of Stonehenge Urban Myth on paranormal forums. That Stonehenge is quite a magnet for UFO phenomena cannot be doubted though.

In March 2011 9000 secret UFO documents were released by the British government, which confirmed that Stonehenge has a long history of UFO sightings behind it. As far back as 1670 there were reports that somebody had seen a “strange ghost” near the stones. When the witness asked if it was there for good or evil, it declined to comment. The story goes that it disappeared, leaving behind an unusual smell (strange aroma’s are often to be found in UFO-related incidents).

In July 1877 locals reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the stones. Fast-forwarding to the 20th century there is a case from August 1957, when the military were enacting war strategies on Salisbury Plain. As they were getting ready a crew in one of the tanks reported seeing a large, silver cigar-shaped object, which the tank opened fire on. A few years later, in 1968, Arthur Shuttlewood, a local journalist and prominent figure in the Warminster Thing phenomenon, said he saw a UFO close to a ring of fire that emerged from the stones.

Watching an episode of US tv show ‘The UFO Hunters’, I learnt about an incident from 1987 which was new to me. About a dozen police officers were on Summer Solstice duty at the site on 21 June. For many years now there has been a heavy police presence at Stonehenge during the Solstice, and this was no exception. Officer Phil Hutchings described how they had seen a strange object circling the skies throughout the night, in a methodical zig-zagging motion, as though it was “mapping the area”.

The most intriguing cases came to me when reading Albert Rosales’ Humanoid Sightings website. These cases come from the 1990s, and are – in light of what we’ve already read – utterly intriguing.


On 18 November 1990 a young couple had been visiting relatives, and were driving home at about 8:30 that night. They decided to stop off and have a look at Stonehenge. I’m not entirely certain but I don’t think Stonehenge was quite so off-limits in those days as it is now. At one time it was possible to walk freely amongst the stones. The couple noticed an eerie orange light coming from a clump of trees nearby. The light emerged and began to track their car as they approached the stones.
As they neared the stones the car headlights illuminated a band of fog (I have often seen mysterious fog-banks appear in other UFO cases), and when they got out of the car, all was still. They then noticed a tall figure standing next to one of the stones. It sounds like something out of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, being about 7ft tall, and dark and featureless. This disturbing vision came plodding purposefully towards them. Understandably, the couple ran back to their car. The figure kept on coming though and reached the car just as the couple drove off.
This whole (it has to be said) film-like incident happened in slow motion.


The next story though is even more bizarre, and if true, even more unsettling. On 19 April 1993 Air Traffic Control at Prestwick reported seeing a UFO, flying four times faster than Concorde. The object was also picked up by Gatwick Airport, as it rapidly sped south over the country.

Meanwhile Captain Fudala Parc of Egyptian Royal Army Intelligence was busy conducting manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain. Suddenly he was instructed to go to Black Heath, about 3 miles away. Upon arrival there they found a four-legged round object, 60ft x 40ft, which seemed to have been damaged on landing. They were instructed to secure the area. The Captain noticed two figures standing on the top steps of the object. They were about 3.5 – 4ft tall, and had slanting eyes and thin arms (classic alien figures really). They made no attempt to communicate.

Within 50 minutes a USAF Sikorsky helicopter arrived and airlifted the object away.

Again, this story appears to stretch credibility to its limits. To be honest I personally don’t have a clue what to make of it. During the summer of 2011 paranormal Internet forums published footage of a Russian military aircraft carrying what seems to be the wreckage of a crashed UFO beneath it. No one has yet to come forward to say it is a hoax, so for the time being I think an open mind is called for.  Original Source

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