Unseen Predator in the Woods. Newmilns Kilmarnock.

Hi my name is Martyn and I experienced something really weird when I was a kid and I wanted to report it and to see if anyone else has ever experienced the same thing.  My family are a traveler family and in my younger days we would move from area to area as we needed too.  At one point we moved from a farm in Blackrod which is near to Chorley in Lancashire, we lodged on that farm for a long time while we stayed in one of the caravans but there came a time when the farmer decided to sell up and move and when he did buy his new farm in Scotland we decided to move with him.

It was a long move as we had to travel out of England and into Scotland and that seemed a really long way to travel to a kid my age.  The area we moved to was called  Newmilns and it was in Kilmarnock.  It was very remote and we were situated about 10 miles from the nearest town, sometimes in winter we had to literally use a tractor to get food from the nearest village and back because the snow was that deep .

The farm was absolutely huge from my recollection around 2000 acres surrounded by dense forests and not far from us was the moors, rivers and streams and no people around except for us . As a 10yr old lad my Dad used to send me out hunting with a 22 rifle to catch and kill rabbits, pheasant and small birds for the ferrets we kept. And also collecting wood for the log burners in the caravans was another of my responsibilities around the place, so I was often out on my own in the woods and fields.

I have heard some real freaky stuff out in those woods and I have seen a lot of dead animal carcasses that looked out of place even to me being used to the countryside and the way animals take and kill prey, I didn’t recognise the “animal” responsible for those kills.  When I think back and with what I know now I can say there was a lot of ufo activity in that area,  we all saw strange lights in the sky at night all the time, so often as a young child it become the norm. As I said I was only young and only now as i’m older and have access to the internet that I started to put 2 and 2 together so to speak.

What sticks out the most in my memory is one day in particular, I was out hunting as usual about a mile away from where we were camped, I was moving quietly keeping my eyes open and trying not to disturb any birds until I wanted to.  And all of a sudden out of nowhere I had an overwhelming sense that someone or something was watching me.  I realised everything around me went dead quiet, no bird song, no wind in the trees, nothing! Just dead silence that was very unnerving. I was overwhelmed by fear and looking all around me trying to make out someone hiding in the shrub and movement of sound that would give them away.  It wasn’t the middle of the night and dark, it was day time and the light shimmering through trees can play tricks on the human mind.  As I was looking I thought I saw something moving in there but it’s so dense tin those he pine trees and I just realised “they” could be anywhere so I set off running.

Whatever was in there was following me out of the woods crashing and banging but every time I looked back I could not see it.  I ran really fast as a kid I was quite proud of the fact nobody could catch me at running back then, but whatever it was, it was keeping up with me and I think catching up to me also. I heard branches and twigs snapping behind me but at that point I stopped looking back because I knew “it” was hot on my heels .

I hear of all these missing 411 cases now and all that runs through my mind is “I could have been on that list but I out ran it”

Dundonald Red Eyed Wildman 1994

Josephine Aldridge from England says she will never go up the hill again as long as she lives. She had recently been spending a little time in Kilmarnock, (summer 1994.) and for a day out decided to visit Dundonald Castle. While walking on the hill her two Labradors suddenly went berserk, running around in circles growling and snapping at the air before finally slinking to the ground as far as they could go with their tails tucked beneath them, crawling backwards in obvious terror. Then Josephine saw, “this huge creature” which appeared some distance to the side of her. She had not noticed it before and she assures us that if it had been there earlier she would most certainly have seen it. It did not seem to be solid as Josephine could see the grass of the hill through its body, but it was covered in, “longish, charcoal coloured hair. It made no indentations in the grass,” and Josephine on reflection thought it ghost-like. “The thing that struck the most terror was its eyes, two long slits which glowed a bright red. It had two holes where the nose should have been, very thick lips….” In fact it was not dissimilar to a gorilla in shape, although it stood well over ten feet tall on two legs.

When confronted by the strange sight Josephine began to pray, the creature after a few moments slowly faded out of sight, but the dogs attitude never changed and the English woman felt sure that the “monster” was still around.
Josephine left Dundonald Hill in a hurry, not too far behind her whimpering dogs.

Dundonald hill Shadows and Growls 1993

Dundonald Hill in Kilmarnock was said to be the home of a ‘creature’ and not many dared venture out onto the hill alone or without good reason. The dogs of Dundonald Castle were said to become very restless, agitated and excited at times while looking out towards the hill, barking and yelping, never under any circumstances would they wander up it, or so I’m told.

People have reported a strange creatures or hauntings, call it what you will, on the hill right up to the present time. Frightened folk have told of “shadows that haunt the tree’s”. One badly shaken man related how when walking on the hill he heard whispering voices behind him, on turning round he saw nothing. This happened two or three times before he decided to take solace with a stiff drink in a local bar.

Another man reports of seeing two ghostly, squat shaped, featureless shadows trailing him from nearby trees, these shadows then merged together as one, growing to twice its original size. He then also left the hill not waiting to see what happened next  This same ‘entity’ has also been described as being able to jump straight upwards into the branches of trees.

Another witness from the area George,  who likes to spend a lot of time fishing, walking and camping decided to spend a night on the hill, during the summer of 1993. He took along his dog Rover, who had never left his side since it was a pup. He arrived just after the sun began to set, and erected his one man tent. Deciding to settle down with a book he lay atop his sleeping bag fully dressed.  After about an hour George saw a shadow pass by he side of his tent through the lamp light. He thought it strange that anybody would be in the area this time of night, again the shadow loomed over the tent, and at this point George swears he heard a kind of rasping or breathing sound.  He stayed in the tent until morning time.


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