Christian and Patch’s Experience

I have been in contact recently with a gentleman by the name of Christian who has had some experiences in the past he wanted to share with me, he isn’t making any claims, merely a strange set of circumstances that have left him with questions he cant answer and the need to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this in this area or anywhere else in the UK.
This encounter took place near a village called Paull, several miles north east of the city of Hull. The year was 2002/03.

I started visiting the area of the sighting, in the late summer/autumn of that year. I lived in Hull at the time, with my girlfriend and our young daughter. I had two good friends, whom I used to go out playing pool with. Jonny, who was my girlfriends nephew, and his friend Rob. In the evening we would go out in the car to Paull, which had three good pubs, all with pool tables. To complete the group there was Patch, my Jack Russell cross dog, who we took along for walkies before we went to play pool.
The lane we used to go down to let Patch have a run, is called Newlands Lane. It’s a narrow, lonely, quiet country lane; with hardly any traffic. It was so quiet, we could even sit in the car and let Patch wander about the lane by himself. If something did come, you could see it from quite a distance, and go and get him off the road. He never usually ventured far from the car, while we talked and had a smoke. The dark nights came, and we continued our routine of parking up in the passing place. I would let Patch out of the boot (parcel shelf removed), then have a chat and a smoke, whilst he wandered about. It was even easier to see cars coming in the dark, with their headlights visible from a great distance. One evening we’d been chatting away, and Jon suddenly noticed we hadn’t seen Patch for a while. I wasn’t too worried initially, and just called his name through the open window…nothing. I called again, and then got out; still nothing. There was no sign of him. To cut a long story short, there followed 20 Min’s of frantic calling, and searching with torches before Patch finally turned up. Trotting down the lane from behind the car, seemingly none the worse for his little adventure.
No more was mentioned about this incident, until we went back a couple of nights later. We parked up in our usual spot, and it was very dark and quiet as I got out and went to open the boot. I had a large black box in there, in which I kept tools etc. Patch had got behind it somehow, and was hiding. Now a word about Patch, he is sadly no longer with us, but he used to love riding in the car. However, he loved walkies more than anything, and he should have leapt out of the boot as usual. When I moved the box and took his collar, he was shaking violently. I quickly realised he was terrified, and this was very odd, as this dog wasn’t scared of anything! I tried to reassure him, and as I didn’t want him doing anything in the car, I tried to get him out. He had other ideas, and just jumped straight back in the car. This happened several times, and he was obviously just too frightened. In the end, we had to drive to another area, and as soon as we were away from that lane he was fine. This continued to happen over the next few weeks, with Patch slowly getting bolder, but still totally freaked out by the place. We would soon realise exactly why he was so scared.
Over the next few weeks I will bring you more on Patch and Christain’s encounter and I hope we can find him some answers. As most Brits will know the Jack Russell breed is a working dog, breed to hunt foxes as far back as the 1800’s although short in stature they are a loyal and fierce breed and will work until they drop to get the job done. Something bigger than a British fox or Badger would not of scared the dog so much, and to be honest I doubt a Large Puma type cat would either, the breed is known for its courage. Whatever scared him that much must of presented him with a fear he didn’t forget and his reluctance to leave the car says a lot to me as a dog owner, and in fact probably does to many of you too.
Christian and Patch the Figure in the Road
We continued to visit Newland lane with Patch but he would only come out of the boot if we stayed out of the car with him, in a way it was quite comical, looking back on it. He would quickly run to a spot nearby, have a wee, whilst watching us closely, making sure we didn’t get back in without him, and then run back to the car and jump in the boot. Shortly after his ‘fright night’ we had parked up at the passing place, Patch had already been out and we were talking and having a smoke. The topic of conversation was what could have scared him that night, he would never be that afraid of any person so we decided upon an animal he had never seen before, you hear about these big cats being sighted in the countryside, maybe it was one of those?
I had almost finished my cig when I noticed Jon had gone quiet, I looked and saw he was staring straight ahead at a bend in the road about 150-yds away. I followed his gaze to where he was looking. It was quite dark down the lane, but my eyes eventually got used to it. I could see that where the road disappeared at the bend, there was a clump of bushes to the right, these were about 6-7 ft high. As I stared I could see a dark shape, a figure partially obscured by the bushes. ‘Can you see that?’ Jon was asking, I replied ‘I could’ Rob was sat in the back and was asking ‘whats up? he couldn’t see anything.
As we watched in silence “it” slowly emerged from the slight cover and moved into the road just a couple of feet. I couldn’t see any features it was just a solid black humanoid shape about 6 ft tall. It just stood there as if staring at the car ‘what the…’ Jon was saying. I reached down for the ignition and turned it so the power was on but not into the start position. I reached for the headlamp full beam, Jon could see what I was going to do ‘ready’ I said ‘go for it’ said Jon.
I pulled back on the stalk and the whole lane in front of us including the bend where ‘it’ was, was plunged into brilliant white light…..nothing! Nobody there.
We were sure, positive, that we had seen a figure. Nothing could move that quick.
We looked at each other in disbelief. ‘What the hell was that’? Jon was saying. We described what we’d seen to Rob who hadn’t seen anything. With the lane now back in darkness we discussed what it could be, perhaps our eyes playing tricks on us? Both of us? Unlikely. As our eyes once again got used to the gloom Jon suddenly said ‘its back’ sure enough the figure could again be seen hiding behind the thin cover. It copied its earlier move as if taunting us. Again I hit the lights and again nothing! We decided it was time to go!
As I drove up to where we had seen it, I slowed right down and stopped we all had our windows down listening and looking but nothing could be seen and the only noise was the engine. We drove off to the pub and talked a great deal about ‘it’. Was this the thing that had scared patch, we were all creeped out.
In the coming weeks our visits to Newlands lane would be accompanied by sightings of this figure, it became the ‘norm’. It seemed to get bolder every time. Quite often moving right into the middle of the road. On occasions you’d see it once and then it would disappear, then noises could be heard at the other side of the hedge, movement, footfalls, even the sound of something heavy landing in the field as if thrown. All the time these noises were heard Patch would be growling in the boot. Sometimes the figure would be seen out of the corner of your eye darting quickly out of view as you tried to get a proper look. There were lots of strange things that happened some of which I’ve forgotten over the years.
I will however never forget the next and last encounter I had with this thing.
We have heard of this behaviour before, a figure that reveals itself slightly then hides and peeps around the trees, one minute there and the next gone, heavy footsteps and thuds, and seeing something that can not possibly be there. It doesn’t matter how you try to explain it away or rationalise it, you are left with the sighting, the experience and the doubt, with nowhere to go and no one to ask. I did reassure Christian he was not the only witness to something like this, there are many of us, here in the UK and worldwide, who have nothing to tell but what happened to us the day our lives changed, but at last we do have a place we can share this and hear the experiences of the other witnesses to.

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