What it is like to be a Witness in a “Fortean” World.

“The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”
― William Blake

Very wise words, and ones I hold dearly, opinions are useful, they make us look at things from another persons point of view, to try and see through the eyes of someone you are not. Like the marathon runner who runs a race, to be told they didn’t by a man in his kitchen 1000 miles away from the race seems absurd I know, but sadly its what many of the witnesses to British Bigfoot are told constantly day in day out. Like the runner himself, the uninformed man’s opinion doesn’t affect the runners race, or his effort and the work he put in, it is merely the opinion of a man who assumed, who feels his thoughts are truer than the feet of the runner on the track?

We all know the old saying “to assume is to make an Ass of U and Me” and this is true, regardless of your theory or opinion, until you stand where a witness stood, on the day that it happened to them, you really have no idea of what they saw. How it affected them in life, and how it changed them as a person. All you have is a guess.

You only have your own beliefs to fall back on, the opinions picked up or looked for from others, (it wouldn’t enter your mind to get up and run) So we can sit down and discuss your opinion all year, what the witnesses to the British Bigfoot saw, and how they saw it, and what it was? But until you stand in front of “him” yourself and receive the answer, your opinion will always be based on a guess, a conjecture of thought, which is wonderful for anyone” who likes to debate, but not so wonderful for the person who not only saw something unbelievable but was left in the position of being ridiculed in searching or trying to find an answer?

So with mouths taped and hands tied, what choice do we have, there is nowhere to report these accounts too, Unless you can bring along a clear picture taken with date and time, you will never be believed, so your left to look for yourself, but doing that is also wrong, your not qualified they cry, then what should I and the others do??? Do we sit and wait for another 30 yrs whilst someone takes an interest, do we hope another man will come along and help us, or do we band together and say No More!!

We will continue to look and search for answers, we will continue to refuse to be silenced. It is our story, and our story alone, dont ask me for evidence from your chair, go and look for it yourself, dont ask me for answers as to what “he” is, for I am no magic 8 ball, I am a witness, no more no less. I have no need for your theories or assumptions, or ridicule or hate. I dont need your permission or blessings to search for my own answers to what I saw that day..

I have said this many times before, but I will not say it again after today. It matters not a jot what you write, it matters to no one but you! so be it Fortean representative, Expert or Cryptozoologist, until you stand at my side and help these witnesses, help the people who come forward, help collect the data coming in and put feet on the ground, until you put your opinion aside and really listen to the ones affected, the people behind these reports, you are of no use to me or any witness to any creature of any kind.  To engage would be pointless, your mind was set before you started to read! Ridicule and spite help no one.  Cries of Fraud set us back 200 yrs.  There is nothing you can say to me or any of the witnesses they have not already asked themselves. So if you are not here to help then go about your day.  As we will, taking each day and challenge as it arises, and accepting no man has the answer, even you!!!!

Do not be a part of the problem, be the solution, is another of my favourite Quotes!!!!


Deborah L Hatswell 18/2/18

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