What shadowed me in those bushes? and the Medway Werewolf account.

I was contacted by a gentleman on youtube who after hearing one of the video accounts from a witness on the Medway kindly shared his encounter with something strange whilst out on his mountain bike, as regular readers will know, mountain bikers and the mountain bike trails are a great source for witness accounts.  

G: Well Deb this is the strange encounter I had in the woods late at night on a solo mountain bike ride in the winter.  I will try and make sense of what happened but im not very good at putting things down on paper and its not the easiest thing to explain.. Im pretty sure this was back in 2011 as I was around 18 when it happened. It was definitely during Winter as the woods were bare of shrub and leaves and the muddy/clay ground was a nightmare to ride on . I used to be a very keen extreme mountain biker and I would go out with a group and also solo, My favourite time was the night rides during the winter months at which time I would usually have a lot of fun, but not this night.

To be totally honest I have never been a real  fan of the dark but after this event I never went into the woods at night again and I still refuse to do so now. I was on my todd in the backwoods of Cobham on a set route that runs along the North Downs directly opposite the town of Rochester which is on the other side of the River Medway in Kent. That night I was making my way home through the woods and I was not seeing or hearing any other people at all.  I mean this place was dark even with my 1500 lume light on my helmet the area itself was still pitch black, blacker than soot! I must of been halfway between Rochester and Snodland but traveling through the woods on top of the downs no the normal road route when it happened.
Along a part of this ride I started to get a creepy feeling, you know when you dont know why? But you are instantly on your guard and you feel all the hairs on your body stand up. Im already cold and covered in wet mud and water, Im in the dark on my own crapping it and confused.  So I stop for a break after doing a long climb up the hill I make myself calm down and catch my breath, but I can’t help but feel like im being watched, I can’t shake the feeling.  I look all around me its pitch black and I dont see anyone or anything.  I then realise the quiet  unsettles me a lot as I can’t even hear your normal countryside noises of foxes screaming or moving around, owls and critters moving through the grass, nothing!! the mood felt extremely off and creepy.
I still have to  carry on riding and so I decided I want to get out of the woods now as im not ashamed to say I felt scared, but as I kept on I swore I could hear somthing moving off to the left of me about 30 foot away in the trees and brush shadowing me, but I didn’t dare look in that direction as to be honest I was shitting bricks by this point and I didnt want to see what or who was keeping pace with me in the woods.  But soon I got closer to the country lanes it all stopped. I couldn’t hear it following me anymore and I didnt feel on edge and all the anxiety just left me.
That’s about all I have got to say about this experience. And up until 2 yrs ago I had never heard or knew dogmen exist. We all know about werewolves and we are told that they are only hollywood creations made to create a good movie but when I saw your video on the Medway thats where my thoughts went, it hit me straight away bringing the whole weird and horrible night back to me.  Since that night I had never gone into the woods at night walking nor riding and for the last 3 yrs I haven’t rode mountain bikes at all
A very short walk away was another encounter with a werewolf type creature. a story passed down from generation to generation by a family from Kent – the Shirley family. According to Pat Shirley, while picnicking in an area of woodland on the east coast of England in the late 1940’s, her grandmother had seen a huge animal that looked like something straight out of An American Werewolf in London. In this incident, the “beast” had what was described as “flaming red hair all over it,” and possessed a pair of huge and powerful jaws. Again, it was only seen for a moment or two before vanishing into the trees.
And then of course we have the Chatham Ape Man Account.  Just one of the many Medway reports of upright hairy creatures.  One of the sightings in Chatham was reported by a young girl (anon) who was out walking with her partner when they both saw an Apeman like creature which appeared off to the side of them in the scrub, then it ran off into the bushes very quickly. 
There are around Ten accounts of an upright hairy tall Ape like or Wolflike creature on the Medway and along the Thames estuary heading West or South following the River Medway down to Bearsted.  Have you had an encounter in this area like this gentleman or the other Witnesses.  Or have you encountered something strange anywhere else in the UK.  If so we would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time, Deborah

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