Whistles and Stones Thrown. Loch Lomond 2017 British Bigfoot or Ghost on the Loch?


I would like to report something that happened to me and a friend when we were fishing the lochan last month. We are two fisherman from Scotland and we were fishing for pike in a small lochan within the Loch Lomond National Park. It’s something we both enjoy doing, and we try to get outdoors whenever we can.

This happened at roughly 10:15pm just some weeks ago, so sometime in Autumn. We had been there a while and the weather was cold. We had fished for most of the evening and at around 10pm we decided to call it a day. We had stopped our fishing and we returned to the car to pack all our things away.  I hadn’t mentioned to Richard that most of the time we were out there that evening I’d had an uneasy feeling, like we were being watched.

I packed away quickly as by this time I was getting quite cold and hungry for something to eat. Packing my tackle into the car, I heard a loud whistle only about 50 metres away which startled me – as I said before I was feeling quite nervous and anxious to get away. I’ve fished this area many times and I have never felt like this before. I looked around but it was so dark that I couldn’t see anything, or make anything or anyone out clearly. I would normally have put the noise down to be an animal or bird to be honest, but almost immediately after the whistle, a medium sized rock was thrown at my car.  Luckily it didn’t hit it or it would have caused a great deal of damage. It landed with a thud and we couldn’t make out where it had been thrown from or by who?

I hurried into the car and took off and just got out of there. This area is permitted by my permit, so it wasn’t as if we were poaching or illegally fishing – I couldn’t think why anyone would be throwing a rock at me on a cold night in the dark. The houses are too far away for it to have been a dog walker; we would have seen them on the deer track, or at least heard them, and I’m certain we were the only ones around the lochan that night.

Both me and Richard, who is ex-army, were shaken and on edge that night. We still fish the area from time to time, but not at sundown.

I would like to add that i have spoken to a customer at work who claims to have seen two upright standing bears on occasion on one of the small islands within the Lochan.  I’ve kayaked to the island, in fact i have visited nearly all of them and one in particular at Balmaha has a large population of Wallabies and strikingly marked fallow deer.

D. L. Hatswell https://youtu.be/4-LwsZp2zXM


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