Wild Shaggy Man seen from A1075 road through Thetford 88

Witness Report:  This sighting comes from an unnamed witness who saw a strange upright two legged figure while driving along the A1075 between Thetford and East Wretham.

A1075 where many of the witnesses were driving when the encounters took place. For the other Thetford accounts please view the map of UK sightings

This strange, shaggy haired figure was at first mistakenly thought by the witness to be an escaped zoo animal, but on approaching the animal, the witness soon changed their mind…

The witness was driving home from the direction of Watton, towards Thetford along the A1075, when they saw something they described as a “very strange looking shaggy thing – it stood out due to its size and being covered with hair”.  Whatever it was, it seemed to be walking on all fours and the witness likened it to a massive dog.  It had greyish white hair, small ears, a face with a sort of snout, and big eyes. The witness drove past the mysterious creature to get a better look, at which point it stood up on it’s hind legs, erect and bipedal like a man although it was much bigger in build. The witness then said, “it was human-like in shape and was around seven feet tall” Scared, the witness drove quickly away.

Wanting to know more, the witness returned to the spot a few days later and found some drag marks in the ground as if something had been pulled along. What was this? Had the creature been eating at the time? Had it dragged it’s prey away when it had been disturbed?

This sighting is different in that the creature was described as having a snout.  This could mean the face was dog like in shape, or the mouth stood out from the face? There are many reports of upright walking creatures here in the UK, and although on this occasion no tail nor ears on top of the head were mentioned, such sightings are often reported as a Werewolf or Dogman creature, due I think to the popular films of our youth – it’s the first thing most people’s minds go to upon seeing an upright hairy figure.

Thetford Forest has had other reports of Bigfoot like activity and other reported hairy figures, so this sighting is entirely plausible.

In December 2007, twenty-one years after this sighting, another witness saw a similar creature in the same general area. They described it as having grey hair with dark black patches.  Seen by many different witnesses, the description of colour varies and in some cases the animal is seen on all fours rising to two legs and walking in a bipedal fashion, hunched forward with an inhuman gait.


The sightings have carried on through the years and there are eight other accounts within the forest itself and the nearby woods. Popular with visitors and bushcrafters, it does seem to also be home to other inhabitants when the sun goes down and darkness approaches. A number of researchers check the area from time to time and this month in Thetford and the nearby woods there was a live night investigation by Jon Spence, a leading British Bigfoot Researcher. There was strange activity; a number of structures were seen and recorded, and some tech items failed, which seems par for the course when it comes to areas of suspected activity.



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